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More Good Vibes

More Good Vibes

We are slowly returning to the “new normal“ and finally enjoying some freedom. This is a positive message that some of our dear friends wanted to share with all of us.

Enjoy the freedom with our Animal Jerseys

Finally back on the saddle!

A feeling of freedom that only a month locked in the house could accentuate.


For me riding a bike equals freedom.


Pedaling on a smart roller connected to one of the hugely popular training/entertainment platforms that claim it’s just like “riding a bicycle” is far from the definition of freedom in my mind.


But this, for many weeks, was the scenario of many cyclists who had to follow the unpopular but necessary government directives Of isolating at home: end of the discussion.

a message of freedom

Fortunately, something changed a few days ago.


Sport is once again allowed, albeit with some restrictions.


My bike is ready to go on a long-awaited adventure. Friends have been advised.


We don’t know what route we’ll take, but we know that we will wear our favorite jersey as a small celebration of this return to freedom!


How great it feels to snap the first photo as a “free” cyclist!


Mattia, Norman, Ivan (friends, bike mates and colleagues @UrgeSport)

Share your story and pictures with us on Instagram. Tag Q36.5 and use the tag #powerinthepeloton.
We are excited to know your new cycling adventures!