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The Absolutely Equipment

It is a 4-year product life cycle, over which time every garment is continuously refined, subject to running changes and tweaks, much in the same way as the athlete who sets him or herself the goal of competing in the Olympic games, and goes about achieving continuous improvement. In the summer of 2013 Q36.5 presented its first Essential Collection. This was the name given to a compact range of pure high performance cycling clothing characterized by its adherence to and evolution of the ideals of the modern cycling clothing project.

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Essentialism and purity

The name Essential Collection is chosen not only as a reference to the essentialism and purity of the designs but also to the deliberately compact range of garments offered: a single summer jersey, a single gilet, single bib short model, and so on. For these pieces of clothing the definition of performance goes beyond that of a garment which works exceptionally in a single, often highly specific, set of circumstances, and into an idea of performance which is understood as the clothing’s ability to continue to function at a high level and even thrive in a broad range of riding conditions, be they over the course of ride, as can occur when racing in high mountains, or with an unexpected change in weather, or over the course of multiple seasons.

Hightech fabrics for a distinctive approach

Riders will immediately notice Q36.5’s distinctive approach to high performance in the “new feel” of the products when worn and ridden: the extraordinary thinness and creaseless interface of our socks, even in winter models – for example the merino wool-silk 35g Plus winter sock – the increased stability during the pedal stroke when riding with our Salopette L1 Essential, given by the astute use of 4 different densities of a proprietary Italian polyamide 6.6.

Winter equipment

A long-term investment
in high performance cycling.

Please note that the extremely light weight of all products is ALWAYS a result of the design, never an objective. All fabrics and designs are results of a long process of research and development, and are guaranteed to offer exceptional durability (the proprietary fabric used in our Salopette L1, for example, ensures a product life 10x superior to any other high end bib short). Products often need to be broken in over several rides and will always improve with use, revealing their intrinsic value and honesty.

A compact range of garments

Winter equipment


Summer equipment

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