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Vest L1

The Q36.5 gilet eliminates the distinction between the two categories with a hybrid 4-season 137g piece of equipment.

This is achieved primarily through the use of the UFHybridShell material, a thermal ribbed fleece material which, while constructed without a membrane (which would confer wind or waterproofing qualities) is woven, on its outer side, with such an extraordinarily high density so as to create a wind resistance comparable to that of a traditional soft shell fabric, while maintaining a high degree of breathability.

Dear Cycling Connoisseurs,

my dream, upon founding Q36.5 in 2013, was to create an iconic product that represented what the future of cycling clothing could be. By iconic product I mean a single essential confluence of form and function, material and construction, which is able to maintain – like a Porsche 911 or the pleats of Issey Miyake – its original design principles even as the product continues to develop according to technological advances. In my dream the Salopette L1 (the original Q36.5 bib short) is that iconic product and the Salopette Dottore, Q36.5’s new fine-tuned and augmented version of the L1’s philosophy of ergogenic design, is the proof that the dream is becoming reality.

Luigi Bergamo
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