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Q36.5 is an extreme vision of the future of cycling clothing

Q36.5 is not just a brand but rather a vehicle for experimentation as well as continuous and incessant innovation. Each piece of Q36.5’s Essential Collection is a technical innovation without compromise. Our goal is to be sure that every single product we produce allows the wearer to maintain an ideal body temperature, ensuring greater comfort for the cyclist. That is our obsessive commitment. Q36.5 is based in Bolzano, Italy at the base of the Dolomites – an area that offers extraordinary possibilities for cycling throughout the year.

R&D Custom Lab

Thanks to our custom laboratory, Q36.5 now offers teams the possibility of customising our garments using the same construction technique and materials that we use in our Collection. The result is a tailored product entirely handmade in Italy to the clients’ specifications. Each garment is made from a pre-formed pattern, shaped to follow the body of the athlete and thus optimize performance. We are happy to use your ideas or you can let our team of designers develop proposals to suit your needs. We are at your disposal to help you create the ideal kit for your team.

What we need to start your personal customization

To begin a custom order, we need the logos which you want to have on the Equipment invectorial format or EPS. We can also design a logo for you from scratch. Tell us your ideas – colors, texture, images or anything that might help inspire a design. If you haven’t any ideas, we can draw up some proposals.

The technical side

You can be in direct contact with our graphic designers to make all the changes you need, ensuring the end result satisfies you. If you want to be 100% sure that the end result is exactly as you want it, you may request a one piece sample of your customized product to see how it looks and feels. 


Eco Sustainability

Q36.5’s Collection is not a slave to seasonal fashion. The four year life cycle of each Collection is engineered based on this idea and bolstered by the use of proprietary materials and minimalist design. Our products are made from start to finish in Italy – from the design to the packaging and including the complete production of both the materials and the finished pieces.  We constant carry out quality control  checks thus insist that our footprint be within a 300 square kilometre radius of Bolzano, reducing the pollution’s impact due to transport during the productive cycle. Q36.5’s suppliers have chosen to join an eco-sustainability process, using less water during the tissue staining and restoring the used water to have an eco productive cycle. Q36.5 uses more eco-sustainable raw materials such as post-consumer recycled yarns, biodegradable fibres and natural fibers.

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Breitling keeps time

Breitling worked with some of the sports true legends. One was Italian Fausto Coppi, “Il Campionissimo”. The world champion of world champions won the Tour de France twice and the Giro d’Italia five times. In fact, in 1948 and 1952, he won both races, a pair of victories known as the “Grand Boucle”. Breitling also worked with his fiercest rival, Gino Bartali, who won the Tour de France twice and the Giro d’Italia three times. Now, to celebrate its return to the world of top-level competitive cycling, Breitling is proud to be working with Q36.5 and its extreme vision of the future of cycling clothing. We invite you to create your own mission wearing state-of-the-industry kit from Q36.5’s Breitling Collection.

 Breitling brands ™ and models are internationally registered by Breitling SA.