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Cycling route: Tour Val di Non

TOUR VAL DI NON – Autumn cycling route

cycling route tour val di non

Here is our suggestion for the perfect training ride at this time of the year.

This route starts in Bolzano and offers a 45km at section that heads south and allows for a proper warm up and some interval training. When you arrive in Mezzocorona, take a right into the “Val di Non” valley where several professional and amateur riders were born, including the former World Champion Maurizio Fondriest.

Riding through this valley, you pass beautiful small villages that offer the perfect opportunity for a coffee and cake stop. We suggest trying the Strudel (a pastry made with apples), as this valley is famous for its high quality apple orchards. After this fortification, you are ready to climb.

The grade of the climb is relatively gentle, but it takes 35km of upward peddling to reach the top of the Mendola pass with an altitude of 1363 meters. What follows is a technical descent to Appiano where you face a one kilometre climb to Cornaiano before riding back to Bolzano.

This ride will keep you fit while allowing you to enjoy the beauty, the avours and the challenges of this region.

cycling route tour val di non