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We are pleased to inform you that our e-shop will stay up and running as usual and your orders will be processed and delivered. Stay safe & positive!


Fall Essentials

We have at our home of the Dolomites Autumn coming, with its beautiful landscapes,  dense of different color tones, the leaves are changing color getting red and yellow and the temperatures are fizzy, specially early in the morning.

Variable weather is typical during the autumn months.  Temperatures can vary from 5°C on a frosty morning to 18°C during the day.  On top of fluctuating temperatures, fog and less sunlight diminishes visibility on the road.  A brightly colored piece of Equipment becomes an Essential tool to keep you safe in the traffic and let you confidently enjoy your ride by knowing you are properly attired.

Our tip for dressing during this time of year?

Always put the Vest L1 in your pocket; it’s our 4-season gilet that combines a wind proof and a thermal gilet into one hybrid vest.  Don’t leave home without it!