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Be Friendly…Be more Eco!

Be Friendly…Be more Eco!


Q36.5’s Collection is not a slave to seasonal fashion. The four-year life cycle of each Collection is engineered based on this idea and bolstered by the use of proprietary materials and minimalist design.


Our products are made from start to finish in Italy – from the design to the packaging and including the complete production of both the materials and the finished pieces. We constant carry out quality control checks thus insist that our footprint be within a 350 square kilometres radius of Bolzano, reducing the pollution’s impact due to transport during the productive cycle.


When choosing our raw materials we collaborate with companies that have a Social Responsibility, for example they restrict their use of water in the production cycle – in cloth dying. When possible, we use recycled fibre as long as we are sure it will not compromise our end product. Q36.5 uses more eco-sustainable raw materials such as post-consumer recycled yarns, biodegradable fibres and natural fibers.


With the proper care of our clothing, the life cycle can be extended as well. In general, we recommend washing our apparel with a gentle cycle at a maximum of 30 degrees. Please don’t use powder detergents, softeners, stain removers or bleach. To prevent damage to the fabric, it is extremely important to close all zippers and fasten straps before laundering. Air dry your garments hanging vertically and do not tumble dry them.


Maintaining your apparel has a greater environmental impact than the entire production cycle! Therefore it is important to take care of your pieces in a sustainable way, respecting nature and the future of our planet. It’s something to think about.