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Cycling Bib Shorts Guide

Q36.5 Cycling Bib Shorts Guide: Choose your favourite

Four models, one goal!  Our clothing system has you covered with pieces made to support you with a completely new feeling during every type of  ride.

Dottore L1 X Bib Shorts

THE NEW KING OF OUR COLLECTION. The most adaptive, protective and ergogenic bib short to date.

Introducing a super lightweight unique fabric: a new, high density proprietary smart fabric that’s 15% lighter than our DOTTORE CLASSIC bib short.

Now slightly compressive, compared to the DOTTORE CLASSIC, to further increase comfort without losing supportive and protective features. The new ergogenic pattern cut is based on the principle of using minimal seams and strategically placed panels for added pedal stroke support, reduced muscular fatigue and increased proprioception.

Contains real silver thread (2%) to further improve thermoregulation. Extremely effective DWR (Durable Water Resistant) treatment protects riders in light rain conditions as well as ensures super fast drying times.


FUSION. We created a new proprietary pattern for the crotch area, aimed to improve the interface between saddle and chamois. And, there are no more central seams that normally create pressure and discomfort while on the saddle. We’ve added Dyneema(R), a very conductive yarn, for better thermoregulation of this area which tends to heat up during the ride.

Chamois powered by Elastic Interface® CyTech Italy

“Unbelievable. The next generation of bib. So light. My first impression is you can throw just about anything at the DOTTORE. As soon as you slide the bib on, you know you have stepped into something from the future. Thank you!” – Griffin Easter


Salopette Dottore L1 Bib Shorts

The masterpiece of your equipment, this all-purpose supportive bib short is leading the way in innovation.

The all-purpose, all-day, any-day, high performance cycling bib short of the future of competitive cycling.

The traditional elastic band grip has been eliminated, thanks to Q36.5’s development of a high-density proprietary fabric, which allows a raw cut and a surface nish that grips without the use of silicon. It has four different level of graduated compression, stimulating the venous return.


FUSION. In the front part of the chamois, where flexibility, breathability and softness are most appreciated the foam’s elastic covering fabric is cut and sewn. In the rear part of the chamois, where flexibility is at less of a premium, compared to support and padding, the foam is thermo-moulded in order to achieve a superior density. The perineal area is also taken into specific consideration with two parallel lengthwise foam pads positioned in the appropriate area in function of the rider’s good health (this unique feature will be particularly appreciated by riders with a sensitive prostate area). The pad cover, a proprietary atypical ‘double-heart shape of generous proportions, has been designed to better cup the gluteal and genital areas.

Chamois powered by Elastic Interface® CyTech Italy

“These bib shorts are lighter than anything I have ever experienced before, the material is paper thin but creates a pleasant, secure fit that almost binds with your legs.

The padding in the chamois is just the right thickness, where the thickness counts and after using them two years and riding thousands of kilometers they have not chafed, have not stretched out of shape and are just as nice as when I bought them – maybe a little faded – but not that much considering they have been washed hundreds of times. Once on the road they initially feel a bit tight but after five minutes you never really notice them again – which is exactly what a good bib short should do.” – Brian Porter

mens cycling bib shorts Dottore
mens cycling bib shorts Dottore

Salopette Elite Bib shorts

The special unit of your equipment, it’s the lightest but still protective.

148g of functional essentialism! Thanks to the special Dyneema® yarn used for the inserts on the side panels and seat area, the short has an extraordinary resistance in case of a crash, does not pill in the seat area and allows for a more stable position on the saddle. The bib short provides excellent temperature control, maintaining a consistent body temperature and reacts to different temperatures thanks to the conductive properties of the two combined fabrics that we use. The Dyneema® insert coupled with our other high-density woven fabric are designed to work like a radiator; storing excess heat and releasing it into the environment.


FUSION VENTED. A common problem is the crotch area overheating, to combat this we have re-designed the Chamois Fusion and now introduce the Chamois Fusion Vented with light perforated panels at the front part of the insert.

“Exceptional shorts, I am very thin and I have always suffered in contact with the saddle. I have tried many other brands, even emblazoned, but only with this model I have solved my problems and now the long rides of 5 or 6 hours are pleasant until the end. Of course the price is high, but the quality, beauty, lightness, impermeability and, it should be emphasized, the packaging, repay you with interests.” – Alberto Bettanin


Salopette Gregarius Ultra Bib shorts

The robust allrounder that supports where it’s needed with the help of strategically placed proprietary fabrics and innovative technology. Not just an ordinary bib!

The Salopette for everyone who wants perfect comfort at every level of riding: an all-rounder Salopette to go around the world!
We have introduced the C-Interface, a new proprietary pattern for the crotch area, aimed to improve the interface between saddle and chamois. Our innovative pattern, which has redesigned the construction of the crotch area, includes the elimination of the central seams that normally create pressure and discomfort while on the saddle. The new pattern replicates the contact surface of the saddle and is made with a moulded fabric that adapts naturally to the different typology of saddles. No hot spots and less pressure, thanks to the raw cut at the bottom of the leg panels that keeps the shorts in place. Uncomfortable elastic band grips and silicon strips are things of the past.


SUPER MOULDED. The Super Moulded is an extremely high-performing chamois designed for a solid and substantial feel and all-round riding support: from more upright ‘amateur rider’ and climbing positions to the ‘road riding’ position which places pressure on the perineal area all the way to the extreme angles of a Time Trial position.


“I have tried many different bibs (L1, Gregarious, and Dottore) and these are quickly becoming my favorite. I have used them on short and long (8hour) rides. The chamois fit and ergonomics are fantastic. The amount of padding is perfect. I hope they put this chamois in their other bibs.

Q36.5 really went above and beyond in the design of these bibs. The straps are very comfortable and the lumbar support is apparent, especially on longer rides. My only complaint is the leg gripper, which tends to ride up A centimeter or so, but does not necessarily affect the fit.” – Aaron Gouw

cycling bib shorts Gregarius Ultra Q36.5