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Interview with Q36.5's friend Alessandro Passi

Interview with Alessandro Passi

When started your passion for cycling?

It first started 14 years ago. Before that I rode a “Rampichino” (the MTB developed by Cinelli in the 80’s) but then some friends talked me into buying a road bike. I got a good deal on a frame, built it myself and took to the road. That was the end of riding my “Rampichino” days and the beginning of my passion for road cycling. I was 40 at the time!

What do you feel when you are riding?

For me it is a way to relax – it’s a great balance to my daily routine. I like the kind of fatigue I feel after a long ride. I also bought an indoor trainer and go 2-3 hours on that when conditions outside don’t allow me to ride on the road. I need that daily fix of bike riding, either indoor or out. When I am outside, I really enjoy the natural beauty I see along the way.

When and how much do you ride?

I ride from April to November five times a week and average 2 1/2 hours a day. Come December, I dedicate my time to skiing as I am a ski teacher.

How do you choose your sport apparel? Did you follow the suggestions of a coach?

When I first got involved in cycling I didn’t know any of the brands, so I started to research the topic on internet.   There was so much on the market but I was looking for comfort and quality from a company with high standards. Thanks to Luigi, I discovered Q36.5 Absolutely Equipment. I am amazed at the variety of product and the quality – the fit is incredible. I am on my bike a lot so my kit must be comfortable, lightweight, warm in winter and able to provide moisture management in summer. Q36.5 completely satisfies my needs, there is no need for me to look elsewhere for my cycling kit.

Thanks Alessandro for sharing your passion!