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Interview with Mario Kummer

When did your passion for cycling begin?

Honestly, I think I was born with it!  I am so fortunate to make my living doing the thing I love: riding my bike.

What do you feel when you ride?

For me it is a form of relaxation, even when it challenges me.  I love the freedom I feel when I ride, enjoying the landscape and the fresh air.  But, most of all I like the feeling I get from the effort I make, each day.  This is very satisfying.

How often do you ride?

Everyday.  I never miss a day.  A lot of the riding I do is for work, but it is also necessary for me personally.

What was the highlight of your professional career?

Without a doubt it was the victory at the Olympics in Seoul, that will always be an incredible and a “once-in-a lifetime” memory.  But, of course, riding the Tour de France was also a highlight.

Mario Kummer

Tell us about your career now.

I was a professional cyclist for more than 10 years and now I’m a manager and continue to work in the cycling world.  I am involved in sports marketing and product management  including: testing, market surveys, promotion and brand positioning as well as product positioning in the international market.  I also offer press office services on an international level and I organise cycling events for private customers. In all of what I do, I try to share my values and passions.

These include:

  • Love of travel and nature
  • Face new challenges, daily
  • Bring the mind/body ratio into balance
  • Stay updated with the ever changing innovations and developments in cycling
  • Focus on new technologies
  • Set new goals to challenge our limits
  • Never forget that passion is the base of success
  • Don’t forget to enjoy the moment

What do you think about Q36.5 products?

My friendship with Luigi got me involved with Q36.5.  I greatly admire him as a person and as a professional. We have the same passion and views on cycling and this has created even a deeper bond.  We both believe in sacrifice, passion and innovative research.

It was Luigi who convinced me to start wearing Q36.5 Absolutely Equipment – I was blown away by the incredible sensation I felt when I wore them.

This excellence could only be conceived by someone who was seriously involved in cycling and was dedicated to research. He has worked hard to bring innovation to this sector, thanks to years of hard work and experience.

Q36.5 personifies cycling apparel of the present and of the future. The uniqueness of the fabrics is special but also the design of the cut and the light weight of the garments  all play a big role in cutting resistance on the bike. I also have always been interested in the concept of  body temperature control – it is so important.

The research done and subsequent products that Q36.5 has developed with regards to this are amazing.  Maintaining a stabile temperature from the start to the end of a sporting effort is fundamental for both professional riders and non pro’s.

These products also offer a comfort level that enhances stability during the pedal stroke.

In one word:  Super!