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Pinstripe X Jersey

Bring your cycling jerseys to the next level of innovation.

The new PINSTRIPE X ™ features a new color palette and a complete new reconstruction.

With a new seamless pattern cut, an advance moisture management and a revolutionary 3-dimensional Fabric –  delivering a 50% quicker drying time.

The fabric is completely new, enriched by HeiQ Smart Temp, an hydrophilic treatment that increases cooling and moisture management:
• Cools only when you need it
• Cooling activated by high skin temperature
• Perfect balance of temperature in changing conditions and activity level
• Cool, dry, comfortable

HeiQ Smart Temp Highligths:

  • HeiQ Smart Temp treated fabrics dynamically react to your body temperature
  • Fabrics treated with HeiQ Smart Temp helps the wearer stay cool
  • Cooler and more Comfortable in changing conditions
  • HeiQ Smart Temp gives faster initial cooling (compared to untreated fabrics)
  • HeiQ Smart Temp cools more over a longer time (compared to untreated fabrics)
  • HeiQ Smart Temp reduces chill time after exercise (compared to untreated fabrics)
  • HeiQ Smart Temp treated textiles enhance the wearer’s comfort, complement the body’s natural thermal cooling

All together this makes the jersey very responsive in variable environmental conditions.