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Q36.5 & Breitling

Q36.5 & Breitling at the Coronation Double Century

Over the past few years, Breitling and Q36.5 have been collaborating together to create a customized Collection that properly celebrates Breitling’s cycling heritage.

Last November our exclusive Equipment, with it‘s eye catching bright shades of yellow, was showcased at the Coronation Double Century in South Africa where Breitling acted as the Official Time Partner for the endurance race.  At the same time, Breitling’s Triathlon squad, made up of some of the world’s most talented cyclists, rode in support of Qhubeka, a global charity based in South Africa, that provides bicycles to people in communities across the African continent.

The Coronation Double Century marked the one year anniversary of Breitling‘s partnership with Qhubeka.  This landmark was celebrated the day after the race with a visit to a Qhubeka community where the cyclists and special guests had the  opportunity to see, first hand, the positive impact that the bicycles have had on the lives of the local residents. (#BicyclesChangeLives).

The goal of this exciting team is to raise money for Qhubeka, a charity dedicated to providing bicycles to people living in communities that have limited transportation options. These bikes will allow people to get to schools, health-care centers and places of work.

The name Qhubeka means, appropriately, “to move forward.” Bicycles are remarkable agents of change – they allow their riders to get to the places they need to go and do things that are difficult without transportation, such as fetching supplies, traveling to school or work, or providing emergency relief after a disaster.

Q36.5 & Breitling at the Coronation Double Century