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Q36.5 & EIT: the performance specialists

Q36.5 & EIT: the performance specialists

At Q36.5, each detail is designed with a precise goal in mind: essentiality and top-quality products to best service the cyclist. That is what inspired all the features of the Super Moulded chamois, developed in a joint effort with Elastic Interface®.

At the beginning there were intuitions and ideas, these turned into real projects and hundreds and hundreds of versions and revisions.

cycling shorts chamois

Intense testing and continuous improvements led Q36.5 and Elastic Interface® to the development of the Super Moulded, an exclusive cycling pad that provides extreme flexibility and stability in the saddle.


Super Moulded’s padding has a scheme of variable densities that protect the athlete both in a road-riding and in an upright MTB position.


It uses a unique moulding technique which allows for smooth areas of transition between different foam densities.


The padding has a minimalist design, and EIT removed even the smallest bit of material that could obstruct the pedal stroke.


The central channel has a specific construction that relieves pressure from peak-pressure points, yet sustains the athlete’s anatomy. With this channel, Elastic Interface® guarantees improved flexibility, while the padding positioning and their design are studied to provide the best stability in the saddle.

Q36.5 & EIT: the performance specialists

The X-Tract fabric, exclusive to Elastic Interface®, has a special channeled structure that helps to collect and drain humidity, for a dry-feeling effect even during long rides.


Along with moisture management properties of the fabric, the super air layer improves air circulation and breathability.


Even when sewing, attention to details is what guides Q36.5: a cycling pad performs well only when positioned correctly and when it is well-stretched for perfect fit.


At Q36.5 we also study the level of fabric and chamois stretching in order to give our apparel a great fitting sensation. There is no limit in technical apparel, and at Elastic Interface® they know that too.


This is why Q36.5 and EIT keep exploring new limits, new materials, new constructions. For your performance only.