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Our support to the community

Sabrina Emmasi
General Manager

During the stressful time of the pandemic and the lockdown, we at Q36.5 tried to stay positive, despite the unforeseeable future. Although it was clear that these were extraordinarily extreme times, we kept the faith believing brighter times were ahead.

We design and produce cycling equipment, and here in Italy outdoor cycling was one of the first activities that was prohibited by the necessary but unpopular social distancing regulations that the government put into place.

In this time where we were confined to the indoors, we continued to do what we always do: research into new technology that will help athletes better withstand the weather. We tried to stay grounded and be resilient and we used the lockdown time wisely.

Having the need to make ourselves useful to our community, we came upon the idea to make face masks using our innovative proprietary fabrics which have a super high density weave that provides an excellent barrier, giving the wearer solid basic protection from infections and pollution.

Our interaction with amazing initiatives that provide help to people in need, not only during this world emergency but also on a daily basis to those who have special needs throughout their lives, has been positive and uplifting. Thanks to the ABF Andrea Bocelli Foundation, Lapo Elkann’s Laps Onlus as well as the Bolzano Civil Protection and the Croce Bianca, we have been able to donate hundreds of reusable face masks thus supporting the community that also supports us.

Q36.5 is proud to be part of these projects and to be able to help during these dire circumstances.

Q36.5 donation face masks
Q36.5 donation face masks
Q36.5 donation face masks
Q36.5 donation face masks