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Cruise Equipment

Discover Cruise Equipment

Discover the “Cruise Equipment” line, the perfect riding companion for mid-season and wet days.  Through rethinking our fall Equipment, we’ve created versatile pieces that can accompany riders on long cycling trips.  Our initial inspiration came from the fashion world.  The further development of the Cruise Equipment line was the result of detailed scientific research resulting in the creation of a fabric made from a mix of synthetic and natural fibers that meets the demands of high intensity training.

In the well-known German magazine „Tour“, Q36.5‘s Cruise Collection won over 11 other brands in the all-weather jersey category. The high breathability of the UF Active fabric, that includes a high content of Merino wool and a unique pattern construction, offers an extremely comfy fit.

Today, many cyclists also have the opportunity to travel to warm locations in the winter months to chalk up some quality winter miles.  One of our favourite winter get-aways is Mallorca, a Balearic Island off the coast of Spain.  Mallorca gave us the inspiration for these Essential pieces of Equipment.  The Cruise Equipment line was conceived to be a riding companion for various occasions when you need better insulation no matter what the conditions.


It’s a compact range of apparel, specifically designed to uncompromisingly meet the demands of intense training in variable conditions.  Each piece is constructed with proprietary innovative fabrics, the main goal being to maintain a stabile body temperature.  The minimalist and pure look and the essential design also pays attention to the importance of road safety offering augmented visibility, thanks to reflective inserts.

cruise equipment

For this line we have developed a woven blend of polyamide and merino wool, an innovative combination of synthetic and natural yarns with a specific construction that enhances functionality by creating a push & pull of the internal sponge structure that removes the moisture and leaves the skin less clammy: all this with the incredible lightweight of 175 gr/m^2! The fabric has been given a durable water repellent finishing to allow proper thermal comfort during interval training under any weather conditions.


Something that we have all fallen in love with is the Long Sleeve Woolf Active, a light, cozy insulation jersey made entirely with the UF Active material and offering a snug, comfortable fit and a reflective insert. It’s a new concept of jersey that’s able to maintain a stable temperature and keep its’ thermal efficiency unaffected even when damp or in wet conditions.


We’ve also introduced a new range of warmers with a snug pre-shaped fit. The UF Active material has allowed us to devise accessories with high levels of mobility and heat retention.

cruise equipment

Also Ex-pro Mario Kummer put our new Cruise Equipment to the test and gave us this positive feedback:

“I tested the Cruise Equipment line during my spring training camps in Mallorca and on the Baltic Sea coast. These pieces offered me the perfect protection as the temperatures in both places were quite low and a cold wind was blowing most of the time.  While wearing the Cruise Equipment, I had no issues with the weather and felt properly protected and comfortable in these less than perfect conditions.  The combination of natural merino wool and synthetic fibers kept me warm and there was no moisture build up so my skin always felt dry.”