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Freeshipping over 100€



The weather is warming up all over Italy and we would take any excuse to ride our bikes outside but, unfortunately, that is still not an option here (hopefully restrictions will be lifted soon). However, if we could ride outdoors, our DOTTORE CLASSIC would be our definitive “go-to” bib short for long rides.

This model comes in navy blue, grey and black and is the ideal choice if you’re looking for stability and a snug, but not constrictive, feel.
To share our love for the timeless DOTTORE CLASSIC we are offering a promo for you and your friend/partner.

Buy TWO pairs of DOTTORE CLASSIC bibs* and receive 20% off on your next order**. 

What better way to give you and those with whom you love to ride a treat, while also reducing cost and environmental impact of the shipment? A double whammy!

If you are looking for the perfect kit, we suggest you pair the DOTTORE CLASSIC with the minimal design and Essential cut of our Y JERSEY and Y SUMMER CAP. Snag yours while the promo lasts!

*You may mix and match both sizes and male/female versions of our bib short .

** You’ll receive via mail a coupon to use for your next order.