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An extreme vision of the
modern cycling clothing

Salopette Dottore, the ergogenic bib short, all-purpose, all-day, any-day, high performance cycling bib short of the future of competitive cycling. The traditional elastic band grip has been eliminated, thanks to Q36.5’s development of a high-density proprietary fabric, which allows a raw cut and a surface finish that grips without the use of silicon. It has four different level of graduated compression, stimulating the venous return. Silver thread is introduced into the weft of the fabric, not only for its antibacterial and conductivity advantages but the thread also protects muscles from electro-magnetic smog. The fabric has undergone an extremely effective DWR (Durable Water Resistant) treatment that protects riders in light rain conditions and also has super fast drying times. Fusion Chamois: both sewn and thermo-moulded padding technologies in a single chamois.


Ergogenic Pattern

An Ergogenic Pattern garment has been designed in such a way as that all panels and fabrics are tuned to support specific musculature groups during sporting activity. Garments designed with Ergogenic Patterns will be distinguished by their extremely snug but not constrictive feel and increased stability during the pedalling motion, as the fabric, cut and panel alignment support a balanced position and accordingly reduce muscular fatigue on longer or more intense rides.


Vectorial Elasticity

An extension of the Ergogenic pattern concept Vectorial Elasticity particularly refers to the intelligent alignment of panels so that the ergogenic qualities of the fabric (modulus force, elastic return and stretch) are orientated in function of the direction of the pedalling action conferring a: stabilization of fibres which may be disturbed by bumps and other irregularities in the road surface; superior circulation thanks to the pump effect of the pressure applied to musculature; improvement in proprioception thanks to the uniform sensation of ‘second skin’ given by the material.
 The elasticity of the fabric along the warp’s vector is instead orientated to operate with least resistance on the downward motion of the foot and with greatest return during the upward motion of the foot, thus reducing fatigue and guiding an economical pedalling action.


Gradual Compression

The original ergogenic philosophy of the Salopette L1 (which produced its signature “snug fit” as well as – more subtly – the vectorial elasticity of its leg panels, guiding an economical pedaling action) has been further tweaked through the addition of the jacquard woven “Y-pattern” found across the surface of the leg panels of il dottore. This “y-pattern” serves not only the aforementioned aerodynamic purpose but also one of graduated compression. A close observation will reveal that the pattern has been used in 4 shifting levels of density, which correspond to the 4 different levels of graduated compression, from greatest compression at the bottom of the shorts (where the fabric is now left unhemmed, with an integrated gripper, to further reduce weight) to least at the top, around the groin area, thus stimulating an enhanced so-called “pump-effect” of blood circulation (also known as venous return).



Polyamide 6.6






Carbon fibre



Body Temperature Stability Guarantee = Above 18°C

Versatily rating
Medium – can also be used in Spring and Fall temperatures when worn with leg warmers.

Made in Italy

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