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    We reflected on what it means to focus on innovation and to research and develop new technologies despite the Pandemic. R&D is our main passion, it is such an integral part of the core of our brand that it often becomes an obsession!

    This week we talked with Manuel, our R&D Manager, to discuss not only what we do but also how things have changed during this period. Don’t worry, we have no intention of stopping our research and there are many more ideas on the burner!

    R&D cycling wear Q36.5

    Hi Manuel, could you tell us a bit about what Innovation and Research means to you and the Q36.5 team?


    At Q36.5 we take research extremely seriously, including working daily on our Essential Collection: each piece of Equipment is continuously refined, taking into consideration every single factor to be sure we are developing our cycling apparel to the highest standards according to the latest scientific knowledge.

    R&D cycling wear Q36.5

    What’s one of the most interesting developments you have been working on lately?


    Our lab works together with research institutes and universities to analyze the layering system and ensure the best thermo regulation of the body during physical activity. Through this research, we have developed the Thermo Comfort Analysis System: a new analytical-instrumental method to test the thermal-hygrometric comfort of technical clothing which is tested on riders both in outdoor and indoor environments.

    R&D cycling wear Q36.5

    Can you tell us a bit about the testing process that takes place before releasing a new product?


    We personally put every product through extensive testing, considering not only the performance but also the durability, by stretching fabrics and seams to the limit.


    Every product is a result of sartorial craftsmanship and the choice of every single seam and component is made only after a thorough thought process that considers each potential factor.

    R&D cycling wear Q36.5

    We are finally coming out of the lockdown, how did you manage to stay on top of your game during this period?


    During the lockdown we met with colleagues on ZWIFT for some rides together it was a way to maintain the social connection and keep fit as well!


    Of course, we were rather preoccupied by the current situation as it involved us directly but, I think that working hard during this period and maintaining social distancing is the right way to deal with this situation and we hope to be back to normal life soon.