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  • Austria – EUR
  • Bélgica – EUR
  • Suiza – CHF
  • Alemania – EUR
  • España – EUR
  • Resto de Europa – EUR
  • Francia – EUR
  • Reino Unido – GBP
  • Resto del Mundo – EUR
  • Italia – EUR
  • Países Bajos – EUR
  • Estados Unidos – USD
  • Team Illuminate Jersey

    Support the Team’s mission to illuminate the possibilities of cycling around the world! Be part of their mission, get yourself their customized jersey! For each jersey sold, Q36.5 will donate 20% of the value to the team-specific Research and Development project. The jersey will be available soon. Reserve now it. Fill the form!

    The «Illuminated» Jersey R2

    We have designed a new raglan jersey, updating the raglan cut long used in traditional cycling jerseys. After careful studies both in the areas of body mapping and aerodynamics, our new raglan is designed using a combination of different fabrics strategically placed resulting in a new look and offering all the benefits of our detailed research.

    The sleeves are made with a lightly ribbed fabric while the front panel is a micro perforated fabric and there is a honeycomb mesh on the back. All together, this innovative combination makes the Jersey R2 very light (110gr) and very breathable.


    Reserve your jersey!