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An Off-Grid Adventure

An Off-Grid Adventure

Through the black velvety roads of Utah with Griffin and Cullen Easter, and their charity Opicure.

Journal Entry
Location: San Rafael Swell, Utah, USA
Time: 6:12 AM
Temperature: -6.7 °C

“My breath vapor visibly escapes upwards with each exhale.  The cold overwhelms.  Last night, temperatures dropped to -6.7 degrees Celsius.  This morning is no different.  Our days have two acts.  Act one is almost finished: Sleep.  Act two is about to begin: Riding.  I shouldn’t want to jump out of my sleeping bag, but I do.  All I want to do is ride, and ride hard.  Instead of feeling held back, I feel free to fly.
 This Equipment speaks to me as an adventure speaks to an explorer.”

Griffin Easter


Welcome to Green River

Location: City Limits Green River, Utah, USA
Time: 8:00 AM
Temperature: -3.8 °C


No turning back now. I am very excited to get started on our bike packing trip. My brother Cullen is a little nervous. We won’t have cellphone reception for the next 3 days. Adventure awaits. Off grid. Wish us luck!


San Rafael Reef

Location: San Rafael Reef, Utah, USA
Time: 11:00 AM
Temperature: 8.8 °C


The views here are breathtaking. To the west is a geological formation known as the San Rafael Reef. Towards the eastern border is the larger San Rafael Swell. What we see now: valleys, canyons, gorges, mesas and buttes.


Cruise Equipment

Location: Somewhere Along San Rafael Swell, Utah, USA
Time: 2:22 PM
Temperature: 15.5 °C


This Equipment is incredible. We have been riding for about 4 hours and the temperatures have ranged from slightly above freezing to the warmer conditions we are experiencing now. Still no issues with being too cold or too hot. Perfectly comfortable. I am loving this Equipment.

Utah bike trip

Nothing but open road

Location: Somewhere North of Hanksville, Utah, USA
Time: 3:05 PM
Temperature: 15.4 °C


Nothing but open road. Getting closer to our destination for the night, Hanksville, Utah. Feeling incredible. It’s a cleansing of mind, body and soul out here.



Location: BLM south of Hanksville, Utah, USA
Time: 6:02 PM
Temperature: 1.6 °C


Bevies are set up, time to eat some Top Ramen. Such a fun day on the bike. Cullen and I feel like a couple of cowboys. The local gas station clerk told us to beware of coyotes. As we hunker into our sleeping bags, we both say good night and cuddle up to our pocket knives.



Location: BLM South of Hanksville, Utah, USA
Time: 7:16 AM
Temperature: -2.2 °C


Buongiorno! We made it through to the morning. Temperatures last night reached -6.6C. Changed into my kit for the day. No washing in these parts, put on the pieces from the day before. No hesitation to wear without a wash. Kit smells clean, looks clean, send it!


From Here To...

Location: Hanksville, Utah, USA
Time: 9:42 AM
Temperature: 3.8 °C


We debated whether to go to Capitol Reef National Park or Goblin Valley State Park. We decided on the latter. Endless kilometers of black velvety roads. Too few hours in the day to ride them all. Getting closer to Goblin Valley State Park.


Goblin Valley

Location: East of Goblin Valley State Park, Utah, USA
Time: 12:03 PM
Temperature: 13.3 °C


Endless kilometers of black velvety roads. Too few hours in the day to ride them all. Getting closer to Goblin Valley State Park. Smells of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Best stay alert. Man I wish we had our six-shooters.

Go on an adventure: maybe you’ll feel scared, maybe you’ll feel nervous, but what you won’t feel is being held back by your riding gear.

Until next time, Grazie mille.

Easter Brothers