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Interview with Guido Eickelbeck

What role does cycling play in your life?

It’s my life! I started cycling when I was six and I’ve spent the last 46 years of my life on a bike. At first it was just fun but it quickly became a sport for me. Then I turned Pro and it became my livelihood. When I retired from professional cycling I still felt the need to stay connected and continued to work in the cycling world.

It’s interesting that cycling helped me become my own doctor. I learned how my body reacted to illness and accidents and learned how to heal properly. Cycling is not only my medicine but also my ‘personal therapist’. If I’m not feeling well or in a bad mood and I go out for a 2-hour ride, I come home feeling better and more positive. I can recommend cycling to everyone as an extremely effective way to become a more healthy, focused and positive person.

How many times on average do you cycle per week?

Usually 6 times a week for between 3 and 6 hours.

Guido Eickelbeck
Guido Eickelbeck

What is your line of business now?

Cycling, what else!

My company offers clients the opportunity to train with an ex pro one-on-one, or join a training camp that offers a mix of cycling, nature and great food and fun. My company also offers top of the line rental bikes including recently added e-bikes! E-bikes are great when, say a couple or friends are on holiday and one is not as strong in cycling as the other.
With one on an e-bike, they can both train together. Gone are the days when the spouse sits around bored in the hotel waiting for their partner to come home from a training run – now they can both enjoy cycling and the outdoors together!

Over the years I have noticed that something very special happens when you cycle with people. It becomes almost “networking on wheels”. It’s natural to talk with your fellow cyclists and I get to know lots about them, they get to know me, and we become friends. Cycling bonds.

You organise training camps all over the world?

Most of my training camps take place on Mallorca, where I live, but I also organise events in South Africa and, new on my plan, is Cuba. Currently, I am also developing training camps in Italy, Germany and Luxembourg. My training camps are organised with great attention to detail. I insist on high standards for my guests, offering them fascinating and challenging environments, culinary delights and top-rate hotels and locations. It starts with cycling but, in the end, it’s much more than that!

Do you use the web to advertise your training camps?

I have more than 6,500 followers on Facebook and Instagram and I have just launched a new website that is completely linked to my social network:
Q36.5! Your thoughts?

For me, Luigi is worldwide THE number one innovator of cycling clothing. I don’t know anyone else who comes close to doing what he is doing. His passion, knowledge, research and the hard, focused work that he does to create the absolute best, unique pieces of clothing is simply fantastic. I’ve ridden over 18,000km in the same Q36.5 cycling kit, washed the pieces hundreds of times and they are all still like new. They are made so well!

Are there any Q36.5 pieces that you especially like?

The Jersey short sleeve L1 Pinstripe is wonderful. They also make first rate underwear.

Basically, I would say that whatever Luigi and his team creates are pieces in which you can see and feel that an amazing thought process has gone into the creation of the piece.

These clothes are for people who enjoy cycling and want top quality, long lasting pieces that also offer a perfect fit, look sleek and feel great on. Their slogan, “A different feeling” is spot on!