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As the most versatile proprietary fabric in our Essential Collection, the UF HYBRID SHELL TM is the tool to effectively face the Fall season and support eco-sustainability.  

This fabric mimics the wind blocking properties of a laminated shell fabric without the use of a membrane, instead it uses a high density woven construction that still maintains excellent breathability. We first improved on this fabric with the introduction of silver thread to increase heat management.  

foto propietà

Now, our mid season Collection features another improvement thanks to the use of our special fiber “Heat”.

This bio-polyamide yarn is made from coffe bean charcoal and reduces heat loss and boasts a high absorption/emission rate of moisture before it has time to change into sweat due to condensation. 

The improved UF HYBRID SHELL TM shows an augmented thermal capability of about 1°C compared to the previous version of this fabric. 

Discover the pieces of Q36.5 Equipment which benefit from the UF Hybrid Shell’s advantages. Wear them to keep a proper body temperature during this time of the year and ride longer in comfort #whatsnext


Maillot Manga Larga Hybrid Que X verde oliva

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Culote largo Long Salopette L1 X

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Chaqueta Hybrid Jacket Lady verde oliva

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Culote Largo Long Salopette Women L1

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Chaleco Vest L1 Essential verde oliva

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Culotes Salopette Wolf 2.0

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Cubrezapatillas Hybrid

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Guantes Hybrid Que Glove

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