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Essential Collection

Fit is everything


Q36.5 garments are characterized by a Unique Fit. This Unique Fit will be immediately discerned by the rider in the different feeling, a different feeling which is the invisible signature of the brand experienced when he or she first puts on a piece of Q36.5 clothing. All Q36.5 products use high performance fabrics which have often been developed by us in conjunction with suppliers exclusively for use in these products. The best performance of these Unique Fabrics can only be achieved through the intended snug Q36.5 fit; while some riders may not be used to cycling clothing which follows the contours of the body so closely, this different feeling comes at no expense to on the bike comfort; in fact the fit qualities achieved through a combination of fit and specifically developed fabrics (often used in various different densities throughout the pattern for the most sensitive body mapping) improve comfort, particularly on longer rides where muscular fatigue can stimulate significant discomfort.

Ergogenic support and stability
Ease of movement


Il Dottore – the name is a reference to both the Salopette L1’s nickname of “the teacher” and to the almost mythological, sometimes notorious, figure of the professional cyclist’s personal doctor.

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The high-performance minimalism of the L1 Jersey with a pinstripe of real silver thread. Perhaps only an extremely sensitive rider will be able to “feel the difference” but this subtly visible thread is an authentic symbol of Q36.5’s dedication to present extreme vision of future of cycling clothing.

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The most immediately striking aspect of Q36.5’s R. Shell Protection is its extraordinarily low volume. This is a rain jacket in the spirit of the very first cycling gilets, or professional alpine flash rain jackets: a true emergency friend.

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A true hybrid piece of equipment, this long sleeve ‘Que’ (named after a sadly departed visionary friend) is designed with a compact (200g) versatility that makes it a hybrid of winter jersey and light winter jacket, an indispensable go-to piece and riding companion for 3 seasons a year.

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Exploiting the possibilities of cutting-edge Karl Mayer Seamless knitting machines, Q36.5 has developed a technologically extreme vision of the traditional seamless base layer.

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The most versatile piece in our entire Essential Collection. A friend you should have in your pocket all year round. The ideal protection needed in summer for long descents, on chilly summer early-morning rides or in mid-season or deep winter as an extra thermal layer.

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A high-value Q36.5 reconstruction of the “traditional” modern bib short feeling. The Salopette for everyone who wants perfect comfort at every level of riding: an all-rounder Salopette to go around the world!

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The Termica is a lightweight (400g) low volume pre-shape cold weather jacket intended for a high-intensity training in full winter conditions. The design is an extremely advanced vision of the modern windproof winter ‘shell’.

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The Termic Skinsuit is a lightweight piece of Equipment, with a reducted low volume and freedom of movement, thanks to a Fully Pre-Shape cut that is completely ergonomic, guiding an economical pedaling action.

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The Termica Long Salopette is the extension of the ‘leg-weapon’ performance-tuned feel of the Long Salopette (best used between 5-15°C) into sub-zero temperature suitability.

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Salopette Elite is the ultimate cycling short. The name Elite refers to the special unit of the Military Corps and, just like this special unit, the bib short is something essential and effective. The Salopette Elite is super light, protects and is also smart as it provides excellent temperature control.

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