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Art and cycling

Art and Cycling. Plus a new surprise for you!

This week we hung out (virtually, of course!) with Felix Baròn, a Team Illuminate pro cyclist from Colombia. He is the artist of one of our favorite jersey’s from our Summer Collection: the FELIX. He told us about his life as a cyclist and as an artist, explaining what inspired the painting which is featured on our FELIX jersey.

Buy the Jersey and we have a surprise for you!

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A talk with the artist Felix Baròn!

“Hello, this is Felix Baròn from Team Illuminate.


I was asked to choose one of my oil paintings to have made into a cycling jersey by Q36.5, a brand with which I have lots in common.


It is an honor for me to see my painting worn by many cyclists around the world including in the beautiful country of Italy.


I began to cycle as a professional 11 year ago, before that I rode 7 years as an amateur and I also cycled in Italy for one year. Those times and experiences were truly amazing!


Nowadays, I still cycle as a professional with Team Illuminate (a US based UCI team) but I try to make my life easier and I take my professional career a bit less stressfully than I did before. I want to have a more quiet and relaxed life.

team illuminate

When I’m on my bike I try to always give it my all but after that, when I am home, I am a quiet person. I like to be around lots of friends and do a lot of other things besides riding – such as cooking and painting, as well as following other passions of mine.


The inspiration for this Jersey came from a past relationship. I put a lot of passion into my paintings. For this one my inspiration motivated me to paint something almost abstract: the result is something that might be perceived as a mistake, as if it was a wrong thing in the right place. Sometimes, mis-takes are not seen as such in the artist’s eyes.


I usually try many things and one afternoon I began to paint this one and I am happy about how it came out. I am very proud to have my art on a jersey from Q36.5. My dream is to one day be able to go ride my bike again in Italy and see people wearing the FELIX jersey – that would be one of the most amazing experiences for me!”

“the result is something that might be perceived as a mistake, as if it was a wrong thing in the right place. Sometimes, mistakes are not seen as such in the artist’s eyes.” – Felix Baròn

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