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Bicycle travel

Environmental commitment & bicycle travel

Choosing a bicycle as a primary means of transport, as a way to vacation or simply as a means of transportation in everyday life, means choosing to moving more slowly. That’s not a bad thing. Going slower means having the time to look around, be stimulated by the surrounding environment and be closer to nature while escaping from the constrictive environment of the cockpit of a car, the walls of an office or the cramped seat of an airplane. Using the bike as your main form of transportation lets you escape the monotonous daily routine and allows you to appreciate a purer way of life.

In fact, traveling by bike nurtures a deeper connection with nature, allowing you to appreciate the sights, sounds and smells of the surrounding landscape through which you are riding.


The bicycle is an ideal vehicle to acquire more awareness of your surroundings; it can inspire both freedom of movement and mind.


Of course, this takes time. It’s not a process that is complete after a couple of hours of pedaling.


You need to consciously make the choice that your bike is your primary means of transportation and then spend real time in the saddle. It is essential to trust your two-wheeled vehicle and consequently your own strength and abilities, challenging your preconceived limits and always going further.


Travelling with your bicycle also fosters sustainable mobility.


The bicycle is a mode of transport with almost zero impact: studies from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change recommend cycling instead of using the car for daily commuting and travelling as a key solution for the reduction of greenhouse emissions.


But the benefits of biking don’t stop here: less traffic, cleaner air and an overall improved personal well-being are other significant aspects which should not be ignored.


When you’re doing longer rides, you’ll want to keep your apparel and equipment to the minimum.


Travelling light allows you to fully experience the adventure, without the constraints of heavy bags.


The impact on nature will be even more eco-friendly if you make wise choices about your equipment. Choose durable, sustainable and essential garments that will last a long time (discover our essential Adventure kit).


You will find that traveling with just the essentials frees your mind from unnecessary worries: all you have to concentrate on is planning the next path to take and enjoying the moment.


Travelling is an eco-friendly means of transport also because it supports a more sustainable, slower way of tourism.


In fact, when planning a bike trip, it is important that the common thread is about the careful choices you make. Paying attention to the way in which you enjoy your free time, whether for a weekend or a vacation, means asking yourself questions about the sustainability of your choices.


Deciding to visit areas on your bike means helping those places avoid unsustainable tourism models – especially if those areas rely heavily on tourism.


Cycle tourism and bike packing can be put into practice by planning independently or with the support of specialized agencies.


Key planning points include the itinerary, the stages, the facilities where to stay and the means necessary to reach the place of departure and return.


Whether alone or with organized tours, it is fundamental to strive to make the least possible environmental impact, both in how to reach the place of departure (by using public transport for example) and in the choice of one’s equipment. When possible, it is also advisable to favor small, private and family-run hotels and B&Bs.


Traveling by bike is good for your body, your soul and the environment. Your destinations will welcome you as someone who is trying to respect the local environment and keep the world in harmony.


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