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Q36.5 Dolomites Challenge. 22-26 JUILLET. Découvrez plus.



‘The Own your ride’ feeling is a personal feeling of confidence and strength, of being in control of your own ride and of being comfortable while pushing your limits.

Discover what #ownyourride means to the Q36.5 crew! 


« I stopped to think why I like cycling so much, I like fatigue (meaning the effort and the struggle you feel when riding), I like being in nature, I like the freedom.”


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elisa - unique cycling bib shorts


« For me cycling means enjoying the solitude! I made all the important decisions of my life while I was on my saddle; including deciding to immigrate to Italy!

#OwnTheRide is a concept of being alone with only your bicycle as a companion; waiting for the rain to stop, stopping for an amazing photo just after the steepest hairpin of the road or having a strong coffee after a long ride. ‘No matter what I’m actually doing, I’m happy whenever I ride alone!’  »


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« #OwnYourRide to me means to find a feeling of fluidity in which physical and mental fatigue lead to well-being by transcending pain.


Another way to put it is that I want to have control over my body, my bike and what I’m doing. »


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« #ownyourride means that nothing can stop me from my ultimate goal: being just me and the road ahead.

My Q36,5 kit is like a second skin and it brings me the pure joy of a focused ride. »


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