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Review from Australia: Peter Butt

Review from Australia: Peter Butt

We would like to share this review about our Salopette Collection from an Australian rider named Peter Butt. He has tested the Salopette not only on the road but also on MTB tracks, under the hardest of conditions – resulting in a most demanding stress-test for the material.

“The first time I got a pair of Q36.5 shorts and I touched the material, I found it to be incredibly crinkly and foreign feeling and I thought, ‘Geez, what am I getting myself into here?’ But, from the moment I actually started to ride wearing them I felt so incredibly comfortable, and everything just followed naturally from there.

peter butt
peter butt

For the kind of racing I do, there are some great advantages of a Q36.5 Salopette (specifically the Dottore, which is the bib short that I use most at the moment) . Firstly, there is a noticeable reduction of movement and vibration that your leg muscles are subjected to on long downhills when wearing these shorts. Then, there is the toughness of the fabric. I’ve taken falls in the Dottore that have barely left a knick in them but would have ripped other shorts to shreds. This means I can ride harder because I’m not worried about destroying my equipment. Also a really important factor for me is the water resistance and fast drying time of the fabric. Endurance events I do can be pretty no frills. At the end of a long day I can wash the shorts in the shower with me and have them dry and ready to wear the next morning….”


Peter Butt

Perth, Australia.


Thank you, Peter, for your comments and best wishes for the season ahead!