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Training tips from Olympic Champion Mario Kummer

Training tips from Olympic Champion Mario Kummer

Winter miles are summer smiles! We know you‘ve heard it before, but there is a reason for that:  it‘s true!

We can’t escape the current below freezing temperatures here in the northern hemisphere so we just have to grit our teeth and get to work, making the most of the few months ahead  before the cycling season truly starts.

To keep you on top of your game, we followed Q36.5 team member and Olympic Champion, Mario Kummer, on one of his daily lunch break rides.  Mario shared with us how he structures his full-endurance daily training designed to make the most of his winter rides.

Since we know that riding in cold weather can be an uncomfortable challenge, we‘ve put together a selection of late-winter specific gear that will keep you comfortable and enable you to hold your own on the road even in the winter months.

Read Mario‘s tips on how to get back in shape after the winter break:

„I recommend a good combination of basic and strength endurance training, coupled with a few short intensive units that can be done well on your smart trainer.

A strength endurance unit includes warming up for at least 20 minutes on easy terrain.  Then, look for a mountain with a moderate slope.  Hit that slope and ride 2 to 4 intervals between 6 and 10 minutes each, depending on your training level.  The average power should be about 10-20 watts below your threshold power and the cadence between 20-60 revolutions per minute.

It‘s important that your movements are executed properly!  Focus!!

Between the intervals you take an active break of 10 to 15 minutes.  After you have finished the intervals, ride for another 20-30 minutes on easy terrain.  Pay attention that you ride in a high cadence between, 90 and 100 revolutions per minute, during this time.“