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Interval Termica Jacket Testing


When designing a cold weather cycling jacket, the challenge isn’t keeping you warm but the temperature balanced throughout the entire ride. And with up to 11 proprietary fabrics strategically placed to maximize thermoregulation, the Interval Termica jacket does that, trapping warm air between layers when you need it, and releasing it when you don’t, so you’re always at the right temperature for the road ahead.   At the front, a dual-layer wind-blocking membrane works in combination with fleecy, UF Air Insulation™ fabric, and a zippered internal vest to increase the thermal protection when you need it most. A tall, fitted barber collar keeps out the onrushing air, complemented by a wind and waterproof cam-lock zipper.

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This in theory sounds convincing however at Q36.5 we don’t just trust the theory but put the theory to the test. Our testing phases consists of on road testing and in climatic chamber testing.
For our on road testing we rely on our team of professional riders who test all our Equipment to the limit. Generally, we try and simulate all weather and riding conditions. Blessed to be based in the Dolomites, our products can be exposed to some of the harshest conditions in the hardest terrain. Our riders are able to use their years of experience in order to determine if a product needs to be refined, modified or changed completely. Only once all our riders are convinced of the product, do we consider the product for production.
Parallel to on road testing we work very closely with the Eurac Research center in Bolzano, where we put all our products through rigorous testing under all possible conditions. Performing these tests in a controlled environment allows us to leave nothing to chance. Once testing has been performed all data is collected and analyzed thoroughly allowing the R&D team to determine that the product meets all standards and is ready to be put into production.

Terra X Cube - indoor testing


TerraXCube is climatic chamber based in the Eurac Research center in Bolzano, the lively provincial capital of South Tyrol.
A cutting-edge innovation and research-oriented institute that offers fully replicable weather conditions in a safe, accessible and controllable environment – “TerraXCube” –, where scientists explore the adaptability of athlete’s body to extreme climate conditions, altitude and speed.
Within the experimental sessions that took place this spring, we had the chance to carry out tests with an integrated sensor system to evaluate the comfort levels of in particular Q36.5 clothing item, textiles and outfit combinations.

Tech indoor2 - interval termica jacket - blog post


Prior to the tests, Q36.5 – in cooperation with Eurac Research Center for Sensing Solutions – developed an integrated sensor system to evaluate the comfort levels.
The positioned sensors take measurements every 15 seconds, allowing us to analyze temperature and relative humidity.
Thermal comfort is a key parameter for technical fabrics and one that effects an athlete’s performance.

Position of the sensor - interval termica jacket - blog post


The system is made up of approximately ten sensors to monitor specific parameters such as humidity and temperature differences.
“These are the two parameters to be taken in account for in this type of test. In fact, the comfort of the athlete depends on how much sweat is able to evaporate from the fabric – this keeps the athlete’s body at a comfortable temperature”, the R&D team explains.
The sensors are positioned on the athlete’s chest area, back area and arms.
Multiple sensors were placed between different layers of the garments: in direct contact with the skin, just over the base layer, over the jersey and over the outer layer.

Uphill and downhill - interval termica jacket - blog post


Q36.5 developed cycling clothing in combination with our sensor system was worn by an athlete riding on a bike roller.
The five experiment sessions consisted of one climb, followed immediately by a descent at fixed intensities-power-speed.
*POWER OUTPUT: power expressed on pedals
Z1: Recovery
Z2: Endurance
Z3: Tempo
Z4: Anaerobic threshold

Z5: VO2 maximum oxygen consumption

Z6: Musclar anaerobic capacity



The Interval Termica Jacket having been subject to such testing exceeded all expectations. Our analysis showed clearly that with the use of its integrated smart fabrics, layering techniques and specific cuts we were able to achieve higher thermoregulation, higher thermal protection and a lower condensation rate.
All properties indicating that protection can be guaranteed in all conditions.

Tech indoor1 - interval termica jacket - blog post