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A change in rituals

Changing seasons: a change in rituals

“For me, summer on a bike is light hearted; my jersey zip is alway open, my pockets are practically empty and I never have to check the time because dusk comes late.

Unfortunately, my body has a problem with summer temperatures.  My legs feel heavy after hours of work which makes it hard for me to feel good while I am in the saddle.

My motivation is riding to waterfalls or rivers at the end of a tour, there I stop to meditate and do breathing exercises which are my cure-all. This is how I calm down and refresh my mind and body.

As autumn approaches, I feel calmer. The sun paints everything with a golden tinge and the burning heat of the summer is gone. There is a hint of melancholy in seeing the days get shorter but when the leaves turn yellow, red and orange it is an explosion of positive energy.

The mild temperatures allow me to enjoy being in the saddle and really push the pedals. I increase the load in my training, my legs become light again while the pockets of my jersey are filled with clothes to protect me from the cool, long descents. At the end of the tour, ice cream is replaced by a good hot coffee!

For me, no matter what the season, the smile on my face is always bigger and brighter after a bike ride.

Camilla Pedrazzi-Fochetti

cycling experience - changing seasons
cycling experience - changing seasons
cycling experience - changing seasons



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