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Cruise Equipment Review

Serious commitment to research has allowed us to produce pieces of Equipment which are an extreme vision of the future of cycling clothing. Over the past months, various cycling magazines have tested our products and appreciated the unique feeling and versatility of our apparel. Through every piece of our Equipment runs the common thread that characterises the entire Cruise Collection: maintenance of a stable body temperature during any weather condition throughout the entire ride.


In the latest edition of the well-known German magazine „Tour“, Q36.5‘s Cruise Collection won over 11 other brands  in the all-weather jersey category. The high breathability of the UF Active fabric, that includes a high content of Merino wool and a unique pattern construction, offers an extremely comfy fit.

Here the full review:

Cruise Equipment

Maglia maniche corte WoolF

Maglia maniche lunghe WoolF

Gilet WoolF

WoolF Arm Warmers

WoolF Knee Warmers

WoolF Leg Warmers