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Interview with Nicola Fambri

Interview with Nicola Fambri

What fired your passion for the sport and how do you live your passion today?

First off, I have to say that I am an amateur.  I found cycling quite late in my life.  I’m not a professional rider, but when I did discover my love for cycling, I immediately immersed myself in this, for me, unknown world and began to explore all that it offers.

Back then, mountain biking was quite new – I think the first MTB Italian Championship was held in ’87 and the bunch consisted of a mix of ex-road professionals, former downhill skiers and motocross fanatics.

Interview with Nicola Fambri

I started with MTB 30 years ago – it was the “pioneer” days for that sport back in 1988! For me it was fun and I loved the thrill of mastering the downhill, which was nothing like today’s downhill in terms of technical skills and trails. Back then it was just descents – the goal was to get down as fast as possible without too many jumps or technical moves. LINK.


I was good enough to participate in the 1991 World Championships that took place in Ciocco, Italy. It was a very basic competition but the competitors were first class, lots of champions including my idol Jhon Tomac. LINK.


Later I started to ride a road bike and that passion has grown steadily and continues each and every day.


I have this never-ending desire to learn more about cycling. Along the way I have acquired all three qualifications as a Sports Director (first, second and third levels). Professional and family commitments have restrained me from being a team DS in the car, but I have enjoyed working with Trentino Alto Adige teams and with other part-time collaborations. Because of my never ending desire to learn, understand and deepen my knowledge of the sport, I also became a certified mountain biking coach and have started holding courses to get people interested and excited about the sport.

Your Motto?

“Know your passion, inside and out.” My need to understand the entire package has led me to find out more about training theory, nutrition, basic medical information and physical care – I don’t believe in leaving things to chance. Information makes you a better cyclist!

Nicola Fambri

How often do you cycle during the week?

A minimum of 5 times a week. I usually go for a few hours after work every evening and on Saturdays I often do 6 to 7 hours with a friend.

What happens to you when you get on your bike?

Just the thought of putting my hands on the handlebars gets me excited!  I sit on my bike, grab the bars and start pedalling.  Although I usually do the same round, it is always a new experience .  I get in touch with myself and I feel like I am in another dimension – my cycling world.  I get such energy from this tough sport, it clears my head, relaxes me and makes me feel just plain good!

What tips can you give those who want to start cycling?

First of all, don’t push it too much at the beginning.  Don’t try to ride like the pros, looking for top performance and top results at any cost. Sit on the saddle for the true pleasure of riding a bike.  On the other side, don’t be afraid of facing a climb or testing yourself with a challenging effort.  If you love cycling you will be able to conquer those things, and in time your performance will improve.  Indulge in cycling but not with a fanaticism that can kill the enjoyment cycling should bring.

How do you know Q36.5?

You won’t believe it, but Luigi and I met when we were part of the first “amateur” mountain bike team in Italy – many, many years ago.  He was working at Assos at the time.  In ’92 and ’93 we commissioned the first custom clothing and started the “Assosteam” team!  This was possible due to Luigi who recruited a group of friends to take part in a Granfondo. Those were the days!  We lost touch when he moved to Switzerland but when he returned to Bolzano we got in touch again and it was as if he had never left.  It’s like that with good friends who have the same mindset as you do.

And today, so many years later,  I am a proud member of the Veloce Club Dolomites.

Tell us what you find technically superior in Q36.5 cycling wear.

I have got to say that Luigi is like a magician when it comes to his professional skills.  It is amazing what he produces.

Take, for example, the Salopette Dottore L1.  It gives me a sense of lightness and protection at the same time.

On the road, a cyclist wants to have freedom of movement but also wants to feel protected.  Knowing that you are wearing clothing that doesn’t abandon you when the weather conditions change is extremely important.

Q36.5 products provide that protection.  They are reliable in rain and sun, for ascents and descents.  I ride knowing I don’t have to think about my cycling clothing.  I am covered for all possibilities.  That, for me, is genius!