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Jersey layering system

Jersey layering system

For summer rides we have devised lightweight jerseys with proprietary smart fabrics, that enhance the thermoregulation process and reduce the uncomfortable overheating effect that happens when regular jerseys become saturated with sweat, a common occurrence during this time of the year. As needs differ, depending on the conditions you find yourself in, we have devised three main categories from which the rider can choose the proper layering system:

  • UF Lx: woven proprietary fabric with silver thread – Jersey Pinstripe
  • UF G1: knitted double face proprietary fabric – Jersey G1
  • UF R2: lightly ribbed fabric + micro perforated fabric – Jersey R2

All the fabrics of the Essential Collection have been throughly tested with our analytical-instrumental method that tests thermal-hygrometic comfort, giving us objective results on the performance of each piece of equipment.

Maglia ciclismo uomo maniche corte Pinstripe X verdeoliva Q36.5

Jersey Short Sleeve L1 Pinstripe X

This is not an update or a reconstruction. This is all new and it’s powerful!

New pattern cut with minimal use of seams. Revolutionary 3-dimensional Fabric – delivering a 50% quicker drying time than our previous jersey.

A completely new fabric enriched by HeiQ Smart Temp treatment, a hydrophilic treatment that increases both cooling and moisture management:

• Cools only when you need it
• Cooling activated by high skin temperature
• Perfect balance of temperature in changing conditions and varied activity levels
• Cool, dry, comfortable

HeiQ Smart Temp treated fabrics dynamically react to body temperature helping the wearer stay cool. This treatment gives faster initial cooling and cools more over a longer time (compared to untreated fabrics).

HeiQ Smart Temp treated textiles enhance the wearer’s comfort and compliment the body’s natural thermal cooling.


Maglia ciclismo maniche corte R2 Tiger arancione

Jersey Short Sleeve R2

After careful studies both in the areas of body mapping and aerodynamics, our new raglan is designed using a combination of different fabrics strategically placed resulting in a new look and offering all the benefits of our detailed research.

The sleeves are made with a lightly ribbed fabric while the front panel is a micro perforated fabric and there is a honeycomb mesh on the back. All together, this innovative combination makes the Jersey R2 very light (110gr) and very breathable.


Maglia ciclismo uomo Vaccaboia X Q36.5

Jersey Short Sleeve G1

The jersey G1 is entirely made with knitted fabric comprised of special yarns and uses a double face construction to increase the mechanical push – pull action that removes sweat away from the skin during the ride.

We chose to use 70% recycled polyester yarn to support eco sustainable and to reduce the overall environmental impact of the product. The jersey revisits a traditional ‘giro manica’ construction, it is totally pre-shaped in a riding position.