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Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team Bib Shorts

Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team Bib Shorts

Ogni capo della Essential Collection viene continuamente perfezionato durante il suo ciclo di vita, migliorando qualsiasi punto debole e al fine di raggiungere un pezzo all’avanguardia.

I pantaloncini con bretelle Gregarius Ultra sono stati ulteriormente perfezionati per diventare LA Salopette versatile e definitiva da utilizzare in qualsiasi tipo di uscita, grazie al nuovo tessuto UF Knit44 ECO, al nuovo fondello SM-Anatomic* e ad una nuova costruzione sartoriale.

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Q36.5 Bib Shorts

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Quanto sei alto? Ricordati che il laboratorio sartoriale Q36.5 è in grado di realizzare per alcuni capi una personalizzazione della lunghezza gambe e bretelle. Contatta il nostro @supportcenter per avere maggiori informazioni.

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Warranty: 2 Years

Spedizione gratuita sopra i 100€

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Spedizione DHL 24/48h

Caratteristiche tecniche

175 g +64°F

Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team Bib Shorts

Every product from the Essential Collection is continuously refined during its lifecycle, improving any weakness in order to attain an ultimate state of the art piece. For the Spring and Summer Collection 2021, the Gregarius Ultra Bib shorts have been tweaked to become the ultimate all-rounder Salopette by using the new UF Knit44 ECO, adding our new SM-Anatomic chamois and introducing a new sartorial construction.

100% Recycled Material

With the focus on a more eco-sustainable approach, we revamped the UF Knit44 fabric in order to have a fully recycled fabric. Most recycled fabrics use only a recycled yarn for polyamide and stick with a virgin yarn for elastane. In our new development of the UF Knit44 ECO we have chosen only 100% recycled yarns.

New Chamois

Our well-known Super Moulded (SM) is an extremely high-performing chamois designed for a solid and substantial feel and all-round riding support. We have updated it by developing a complete three-dimensional moulding that better follows the anatomy of the human body and offers augmented comfort during the ride. The foam padding has been calibrated according to the scheme of variable densities and thicknesses in the perineal, ischiatic, genital and gluteal zones resulting in an extremely sophisticated tuning of its overall comfort. The chamois uses a unique moulding technique that produces smooth variations in the thickness of the padding, markedly improving the contact with the rider’s skin.

Improved Fit

To improve the different feeling of the Salopette we have introduced a laser cut finish on the waist area, which has also enabled us to get rid of many useless seams. Furthermore, the anti- stress panel now follows the three-dimensional construction of the chamois, creating a more anatomic interface with the human body.

Additional Features:

  • New pre-shaped ergonomic cut: As a result of our detailed research into ergogenics, this new model has a similar construction to the Salopette Elite, based on the principle of using minimal seams and strategically placed panels for added pedal stroke support.
  • C-Interface: Introducing a new proprietary pattern for the crotch area, aimed to improve the interface between saddle and chamois. Our innovative pattern, which has redesigned the construction of the crotch area, includes the elimination of the central seams that normally create pressure and discomfort while on the saddle. The new pattern replicates the contact surface of the saddle and is made with a moulded fabric that adapts naturally to the different typology of saddles.
  • Anti-stress cut: A proprietary cut for the genital area, allowing more freedom of movement as well as increased comfort in the pelvic zone.
  • Proprietary leg band finishing: No hot spots and less pressure on the area thanks to the raw cut at the bottom of the leg panels that keeps the shorts in place. Uncomfortable elastic band grips and silicon strips are things of the past.
  • New strap construction: Light and breathable.
  • Lumbar support panel: High density woven stretch fabric augmented with silver thread works actively to improve stability and body alignment during the pedal stroke.
  *Powered by Elastic Interface® CyTech Italy


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