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cycling jerseys Pinstripe L1 red Q36.5

Test on short Jersey short sleeve L1 Pinstripe

Cycling jerseys L1 Pinstripe

Test on short Jersey short sleeve L1 Pinstripe

In the last edition of the well-known German magazine Roadbike, 16 different brands of summer jerseys were tested in five categories: breathability, fit & comfort, practicality, workmanship and weight.

Our Jersey short sleeve L1 Pinstripe was under the top four, with this German magazine recognising its’ excellent comfort (the L1 is constructed using no frontal seams) and also noting that it was the only jersey with a solar UV protection of 50+, giving riders the most protection on the sunniest of days.  Roadbike also praised our invisible pocket system – the pocket is woven into the structure of the jersey itself rather than being an extra piece of material added to the jersey which often causes an elongation – a common characteristic in other jerseys.

The jersey L1 Pinstripe is constructed using a polyester microfilament containing a pure silver thread which comprises 2% of the total fabric composition, equivalent to roughly 2g of silver per jersey.  The thread is a subtle feature of the shirt, visible as a light “pinstriping” that runs vertically through the weft of the fabric and heightens the fabric’s breathability  (a natural consequence of the fabric’s structure) and super fast drying time.  The jersey offers the lightest weight and an ergogenic fit, providing the perfect versatility required for the extremes of summer climbing and descending.  In fact, sensitive riders will immediately notice the extra comfort provided by the slightly thicker and softer fabric which, without compromising breathability, pulls the moisture away from the body in a far more efficient manner than the paper-thin fabrics used in other true lightweight jerseys. This feature offers significantly greater protection to the body when riding long descents immediately after long, arduous climbs.


18-07 RoadBIKE Test Sommertrikots