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UK CUSTOMERS ONLY: we are very sorry to inform you that while we wait to comply with the new regulations, we will only accept orders above 150£ / 180€. Prices include VAT and duties. FREE SHIPPING.

“Our goal has always been to develop equipment that can help athletes, whether they are professionals or amateurs, to push their limits without having to think about anything other than focusing on their goals – and this is a promise that the classification leaders can also count on.”

The partnership

We are proud technical partner of the Japan Cycling Federation.

Having joined forces at the beginning of 2022, Japanese athletes wearing Q36.5 clothing have already achieved excellent results.

They came away with four medals in the first round of the 2022 UCI Track Cycling Nations Cup.


The jersey is based on the R2 model, well established in the Q36.5 collection thanks to its exceptional performance and functionality.

Carefully designed by studying body mapping and aerodynamic research, this jersey is characterized by combining proprietary materials strategically placed to ensure the ultimate in performance.

Highly breathable with an aerodynamic race fit, the jersey is also sustainably produced using 70% recycled materials. The attention to details sets it apart with small but significant features like raw cut sleeves and hidden pockets for improved aero performance and comfort.



Q36.5 is a research and development laboratory committed to creating ultra high quality cycling clothing. Born from a passion for cycling and an obsession for details, our designers use only high performance materials and the most advanced technologies.
Q36.5 guarantees the functionality and effectiveness of its clothing. The comfort, performance, and thermoregulation properties are scientifically proven through test protocols developed and performed in collaboration with leading research institutes. Nothing is left to chance; everything is studied in detail.


Our commitment to sustainable production perfectly matches the philosophy of the Tour de Suisse.

“Our goal is to become the most sustainable multi-stage race by 2026. Q36.5, with its sustainable production processes, supports us in this endeavour”

Olivier Senn, director of the Tour de Suisse.