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Keeping cool through summer heat waves

Keeping cool through summer heat waves

Summer rides in hot weather can be unpleasant and hard if you face them without the right precautions.

stay hydrated

The first, fundamental rule is to stay hydrated properly during the entire ride by increasing water consumption and adding isotonic electrolytes.


The vital key when facing a torrid climate is the proper choice of the layering chain value, a clever combination of a wicking base layer and a jersey that can increase the evaporation process while still maintaining high UV protection.

summer cycling tips

remove sweat quickly

The Q36.5 Summer Jersey is conceived to be extremely lightweight, a fundamental aspect that effects the sensation of comfort and reduces the moisture absorption of the fabric when combined with the wicking process of the base layer.


Sweat conducts heat 20 times more than air, causing a rapid increase of body temperature (and thus a relative drop in performance), so it’s very important to remove sweat quickly from the skin. We address that by using fabrics that create a push & pull effect and whose yarns have been treated with a hydrophilic treatment.


natural fibers for thermoregulation

In both our Jersey Pinstripe X and Jersey Seta we have also introduced strands of real, pure silver thread which, thanks to its conductive properties, helps in heat management.


The natural fibers that have been introduced into the Essential Collection increase the thermoregulation process and help the cooling effect in saturated conditions.


All the fibers we have introduced into the collection are thoroughly tested by our analytical-instrumental method used to test thermal-hygrometric comfort.

This ensures objective analysis of the performance of every piece of Equipment in the Essential Collection.

seta cycling jersey