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UK CUSTOMERS ONLY: we are very sorry to inform you that while we wait to comply with the new regulations, we will only accept orders above 150£ / 180€. Prices include VAT and duties. FREE SHIPPING.

Hi, Londoners!

Q36.5 has landed at 4 Regent Street in London and is showcased in our new Shop-in-Shop inside the Pinarello Store.

We are celebrating this new opening with a 10% discount that you can use exclusively at the shop. Come visit us.

Get your coupon by filling in the form*:


    Wear Q36.5 gear and experience a sensation you have never felt before with any other cycling clothing. Discover the collection’s main features:

    • Low volume & Lightweight
    • Durable High Performance Fabrics
    • Comfort & Protection
    • Improved Thermoregulation
    • Entirely Made in Italy

    Q36.5 – For enhanced performance and ultimate riding comfort.

    *The coupon can be used one time only at our new Shop-in-Shop inside the Pinarello Store, 4 Regent Street, London. The promo is valid until the end of October.