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Pinstripe X Jersey

Bring your cycling jerseys to the next level of innovation.

Our PINSTRIPE X™ comes equipped with UF Lx™ fabric that removes sweat and keeps skin dry for complete comfort, no matter the weather.

With a new seamless pattern cut, an advance moisture management and a revolutionary 3-dimensional Fabric –  delivering a 50% quicker drying time.

The fabric is completely new, enriched by HeiQ Smart Temp, a dynamic evaporative cooling technology that increases cooling and moisture management:
• Cools only when you need it
• Cooling activated by high skin temperature
• Perfect balance of temperature in changing conditions and activity level
• Cool, dry, comfortable

How does it work?

With a HeiQ Smart Temp treated garment, the heat of your skin creates some magic: HeiQ’s dynamic cooling technology HeiQ Smart Temp complements the body’s natural thermoregulation process – just like a second skin – to achieve an enhanced dynamic cooling effect.

HeiQ Smart Temp Highlights

Reacting directly to your body temperature and sweat level, the innovative Swiss technology HeiQ Smart Temp keeps you cool and comfortable, consistently.

Activated when you get hot and sweaty, it cools you down and then automatically deactivates once the cooling procedure is complete. It’s like having a personal thermostat – in your clothes.

  • HeiQ Smart Temp treated fabrics dynamically react to your body temperature
  • Fabrics treated with HeiQ Smart Temp helps the wearer stay cool
  • Cooler and more Comfortable in changing conditions
  • HeiQ Smart Temp gives faster initial cooling (compared to untreated fabrics)
  • HeiQ Smart Temp cools more over a longer time (compared to untreated fabrics)
  • HeiQ Smart Temp reduces chill time after exercise (compared to untreated fabrics)
  • HeiQ Smart Temp treated textiles enhance the wearer’s comfort, complement the body’s natural thermal cooling

All together this makes the jersey very responsive in variable environmental conditions.

For enhanced performance and thermal comfort.