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Pre-season training

Q36.5 athletes, behind-the-scene

As a performance-driven brand, we are dedicated to support promising athletes such as Robin and Lukas. We look forward to backing them in their decisive races throughout 2021. 

The feedback both athletes give us regarding the Q36.5 Equipment they use will be extremely useful in our ongoing development, not only for our cycling Collection but also for our triathlon Collection, which we plan to update on an ongoing basis.

Q36.5 will be following Lukas and Robin during their training and races and will be offering updates on their progress on all our social media channels. Stay tuned.

Discover exclusive behind the scene moment on their way to prepare for this year’s big races, including the Olympics!



Professional MTB and cyclo-cross rider

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Professional Triathlete

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Lukas' Training

Towards the end of last year, I made a few important changes in order for me to improve in 2021 and pump up my preparation for this epic Olympic year. For the first time in my career I started working with a personal coach, this is obviously a big plus for me. I have an innovative and competent team of performance based experts around me now and I am confident I will be able to produce great results thanks to the training plans they have in place for me.


In getting ready for the beginning of the season that starts in April in Nalles, Italy, my final preparation will be a period extremely focused on super high intensity training rather than long hours of exertion.


As the selection period for the Olympics is getting closer, it is of utmost importance that I have a clear mind set and believe in what I do. For this reason, I try to make my life off the bike as simple and easy as possible so that I can stay focused on my sport and my goals. I will also travel to Girona, Spain for training in the middle of March to take advantage of the better weather there.


Proper nutrition has always been really important for me, this includes not only eating the right food but also controlling how much I eat. I get the best out of my body if I my power to weight ratio is right. To do this it is important to eat well and eat at the right times. This doesn’t mean starving myself or sacrifice eating food I love, but it does mean that I have to seriously think about what and how I eat.


My pre-season training has been controlled and focused. I am super motivated and mentally on top of my game, so I can’t wait for the season to start.


ROBIN'S Training

The fact that I couldn’t race in 2020, due to Corona, left me even more hungry to work on my weaknesses and improve upon my strengths.


In the second half of 2020, I focused on my swimming which is my weakest triathlon discipline. I increased my miles and that, in turn, gave me added strength and confidence. That extra training has allowed me to have a more relaxed perspective and a feeling of confidence in this discipline which I will take with me into the 2021 season. I know I will be back fast and strong when the pools once again open.


Currently, I am working on my running. After minor surgery to correct a slight niggle that had been bothering me over the last few months, I am now building up my running again.

I have a new running technique and a specific set of strength training exercises all aimed at preventing injuries.


Cycling is my strongest discipline and the one I enjoy the most.

In January and February I did some intense and specific indoor sessions that have left me well prepared.

I am confident that once I hit the road I will be able to smash the cycling courses in my upcoming triathlons.


Since the beginning of this year, I have been following a new diet which was suggested to me by a fellow athlete. It’s based on low carbs and high, healthy fats. I have to say I have been amazed at how it has helped me. I am feeling less fatigued during the day and can deliver my performances with more consistency. It took some time to adapt this way of eating into my lifestyle, including changing my shopping habits, but it was so worth making the change. Of course, it’s not for everyone but it is worth giving it a try.


Despite the uncertainty that lies ahead due to the pandemic, I still have a fully packed schedule with some exciting races that will hopefully all take place. One thing is for sure, I will be ready when the racing starts and I can’t wait to put my awesome Tri-suit from Q36.5 into action.