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Base Layer 2 short sleeve

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Knitted on Karl Mayer machines for the purest expression of seamless technology. Body temperature stability guarantee >15°c

Size S-M L-XL
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Warranty: 2 Years

100% made in Italy

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Product Description

Base Layer 2 short sleeve
Exploiting the possibilities of cutting-edge Karl Mayer Seamless knitting machines, Q36.5 has developed a technologically extreme vision of the traditional seamless base layer.
Even riders who are already familiar with high performance seamless base layers will immediately be able to notice the new feeling introduced in this product. Most notably:
-Significantly greater elasticity and lower resistance to movement in all directions, given by the Karl Mayer machine’s ability to construct multiple tubes without any seams (most ‘sleeveless’ base layers still nevertheless are technologically obliged to be sewn around the armhole, for example). The removal of all seams (with the exception of two short joining stitches at the shoulders) obviously also greatly increases the comfort of as tight-fitting a garment as a base layer.
-A much tougher and less fragile lightweight material, since unlike other seamless machines Karl Mayer machines are able to develop a true rip-proof mesh. The base layer’s fabric is left un-hemmed, which further removes stitching from the garment: in fact it can be cut and modified as the user wishes, without compromising the durability of the product and no risk of unraveling threads. The ‘honey-comb’ pattern of the knit is deployed in various different densities, along with open-mesh sections, mapping the thermal requirements and regional sweat rates of an athlete’s body. Not only does this allow for the best rider comfort and protection, it also allows for the volume of the product to be significantly reduced where possible.
The result is a startlingly pure and minimal base layer. Weight is 87g (result of the design, not an objective) and is best used above 15°C.

44% Polypropylene
44% Polyamide
12% Elastane

87 g

Body Temperature Stability Guarantee = Above 15°C

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1 review for Base Layer 2 short sleeve

  1. 5 out of 5


    Base Layer 2 is an item I use from Spring through to Autumn.

    It makes a great pairing with either the Hybrid Que Long Sleeve, or the range of Summer Jerseys by Q36.5. I like to use this Base Layer when combing a short sleeve jersey and arm warmers, as it creates a continuous second layer at the top of the arm. During the Winter I have also combined Base Layer 2 with Baselayer 4, for extra protection during the very cold days.

    As well as providing thermal protection, the performance of the Base Layer is superb when the intensity of the ride is high-It draws moisture away from the body for increased comfort during the effort, and protects from cooling when either descending or during recovery.

    The garment is close fitting, resilient , and remains in good condition after many washes.

    A product I would not be without…..

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