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Long sleeve Hybrid Que

5 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings
(3 customer reviews)


A true hybrid design fusing the functionality of a winter jersey and light winter shell into a single 3-season riding companion

Color Green Fluo Green Fluo Orange Orange Titanium Titanium Light Blu Light Blu
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Warranty: 2 Years

100% made in Italy

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Product Description

Long sleeve Hybrid Que
A true hybrid piece of equipment, this long sleeve ‘Que’ (named after a sadly departed visionary friend) is designed with a compact (200g) versatility that makes it a hybrid of winter jersey and light winter jacket, an indispensable go-to piece and riding companion for 3 seasons a year, and particularly on rides which foresee variable conditions (inclement weather, change in temperature, significant altitude gains etc.) This high level of versatility is achieved by astute combination of two key fabrics: the first is our proprietary UFHybridShell fabric, an insulating ribbed fleece material woven with such an extraordinary density as to give the fabric windblocking values which come close to those of laminated shell windstopper fabrics. In fact the name HybridShell is given by the fabric’s ability to mimic the characteristics of a fabric with a membrane (shell) while still maintaining the advantages of breathability and elasticity (for fit) of woven fabrics. This material has also undergone a treatment before being woven (as opposed to a ‘finish’ employed on the fabric, choice which allow the threads to maintain their natural characteristics) for water resistance and fast drying times. While the UFHybridShell is employed in core heat zones and the areas most affected by wind chill (chest, upper back, upper arms and front of forearms), the fast drying UFL1 fabric (used in the shortsleeve L1 jersey) is employed in the back and underside of the forearms. Cut with advanced sartorial engineering skills, according to an entirely new sleeve pattern with minimal seams (none frontal facing) and with an ergogenic ‘pre-shaped’ fit (note the way the jersey ‘falls’ into a riding position even when unworn, on a hanger) which is snug and supportive, without being constrictive. Pocket design is the same rigorously tidy proprietary Invisible system found on the shortsleeve jersey.

Full 3mm reflective zip

39% Polyamide
30% Polyester
30% Elastane
1% Silver

200 g

Body Temperature Stability Guarantee = Above 10°C

Additional Information


Green Fluo, Orange, Titanium, Light Blu


XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

3 reviews for Long sleeve Hybrid Que

  1. 5 out of 5


    A true 3 season high performance jersey/jacket combo like no other. It is very lightweight, water resistant and blocks the wind very well due to it@s tight weave. Breathability is exceptional and the ergonomic fit is perfect. Vary the baseLayer accordingly and layer it with the vest for cold weather. the fit is quite trim, but once you get it on it maps your body and your every move. There is a handy pocket on the sleeve for your extra energy gels and the slits on the back give you easy access to your jersey pockets while on the go.

  2. 5 out of 5


    This is a fantastic piece of cycling apparel. As mentioned previously when worn with the correct base layer this jersey can be worn for anything but extremely cold deep winter weather. On really cold days you can wear L1 Essential Vest on top of this jersey and this will have you covered. The design is minimalistic but I like that. I wouldn’t describe the fit as being tight but would say it is fitted to your body which is why I believe it performs so well. It blocks the wind, is water resistant and is very light. I would say this is a such a good jersey that you might not buy any other jersey apart from the same one but in different colours. Also, loving how the rear pockets are so subtle when they are empty and don’t sag once they are loaded with goodies/necessities. The additional zip pocket at the rear is very handy for loose change and keys. The pocket on the sleeve is a very nice, handy and classy looking touch to finish off an excellent piece of cycling clothing.

  3. 5 out of 5


    This is my favorite piece of kit right now. Have both the black and orange colors. I obviously wear the orange when i want to be seen and it stands out wonderfully! Im 5’8 137 lbs and wear the the medium. I can fit into the small if I wanted a tight fit but the medium is snug enough! I have worn this down down into the low 20F with a thermal base and L1 vest. Both pieces regulate the body temperature and breath well. I have also worn this with only the teddy berry base layer at 32c and very comfortable.

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