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Termica Long Salopette

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An extension of the ‘leg-weapon’ tuning of the Long Salopette into sub-zero temperature suitability.

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Product Description

Termica Long Salopette

The Termica Long Salopette is the extension of the ‘leg-weapon’ performance-tuned feel of the Long Salopette (best used between 5-15°C) into sub-zero temperature suitability. This piece of riding equipment is a reflection of a very contemporary idea of winter training in which the rider does not ‘slow’ during the cold season so much as research their position work on their cadence, never stop looking at their watts… Gone is the thick, heavy, simple and relaxed feel of the traditional winter tight, in its place you can now find a leg weapon.

60% Polyamide 6.6
31% Elastane
7% Polyester
1% Silver
1% Carbon Fibre (PAC)

275 g

Body Temperature Stability Guarantee = Above -5°C

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1 review for Termica Long Salopette

  1. 5 out of 5


    Having used the Termica Long Salopette during last winter, I can confirm they are superb.
    The Salopette has provided protection from the elements whether the conditions have been cold and wet, or in biting winds.
    I have used the Salopette in temperatures ranging from just below zero, to around eight degrees and have remained completely comfortable. The winter riding conditions I experience do on occasions go slightly lower than this winter, I would not hesitate in using the Termica Salopette when this does arise.
    The Chamois is comfortable whether climbing or on the drops, and remains so when the spending many hours in the saddle.
    The Termica Salopette are not restrictive, and do not feel like the traditional winter tights when riding at higher intensities or changing positions on the bike. The fabrics and design compliment the motion of the pedal stroke.

    After a winter of use, the tights remain in excellent condition.

    Termica Salopette-highly recommended

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