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Q36.5 & Zwift

Last week we had our first Q36.5 ZWIFT Meetup! 

Our Q36.5 “squad” is led by Mario Kummer, gold medalist in the Seoul Olympics in 1988 and Elena Valentini, 3 times Italian Cyclocross championship winner, bronze medalist in the SSWC World Championship and first in the Italian one.

Our leaders, Mario and Elena, connected with followers from around the world to challenge each other’s goals in a thrilling “virtual” environment.

“It was a fast and stimulating ride up and down the hills around London.  What a pleasure to lead such a great group of riders – keep on pushing!” Said Elena after the event.

SAVE THE DATE. Wednesday, March 4th – 6.15 PM (UTC+1)

Are you ready for our next meetup? Our former World Champion Mario Kummer and Elena Valentini are going to challenge you, riding through the 2018 UCI World Short Lap of Innsbruck.

Join the fun and stay tuned. 

All the latest ZWIFT news will be posted on our Facebook group (click here).

Q36.5 zwift
Q36.5 Gravel Experience - Cycling training camp
Q36.5 Gravel Experience - Cycling training camp - Mario Kummer