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Rainy Day Equipment

Rainy Day Equipment

Riding in the rain can be an unpleasant situation that causes various concerns, not only that of road safety. Getting soaked by the rain and by wheel splash creates an immediate heat loss due to the conduction properties of water. This rapid cooling of the body has a negative effect on overall performance.

For this reason, it is extremely important to have a waterproof jacket that can both keep the rider dry and prevent heat loss. The fabric must be waterproof and have an additional water repellent treatment that allows water to bead up and slide off the fabric and the seams must be taped to block any water seepage. One must also consider the breathability of the fabric. These parameters can be measured through modern testing methods which evaluate the ability of a fabrics’ surface to transmit moisture vapour from the body to the outside the jacket. One popular test rating for ‘shell’ rain jackets is the RET value (ISO 11092). The breathability of a product is categorised as “Very Good” if it has a value of less than 6, “Good” for values between 6-13, “Satisfactory” for values between 13-20 and “Unsatisfactory” for values over 20. When a fabric has a poor breathability rate, the body overheats due to the production of extra sweat. Without proper hydration in such situations, this overheating can lead to a loss in body weight and consequently a decrease in performance.

cycling rainy equipment

The R&D Department of Q36.5 has devised a 3-layer waterproof fabric (15.000mm/l) with a porous membrane that guarantees a RET value of 4. We have designed various pieces of Equipment using this material and they are true ‘emergency friends’ in the worst of weather conditions.

The NEW R. Shell Protection X is the perfect lightweight protective rain jacket that, due to it’s minimal weight, can accompany you on every ride. It’s completely pre-shaped for the riding position, has snug wrist cuffs and offers two easy access vents to the back pockets of the jersey.

The Anfibio Rain Glove is designed with a three layer fabric that includes a waterproof membrane between two polyamide layers, it allows for a more breathable rain glove and prevents the condensation process next to the skin which commonly occurs with a normal neoprene material.

Last but not least, the Rain Cap is a new addition to our Essential Collection. It is an extremely useful cap ideal for tough, wet conditions.


R. Shell Protection X

Rain cap

Cycling rain jackets and equipment