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R&D: Performances & Temperatures

R&D: Performances & Temperatures

New analytical-instrumental method based on advanced sensory systems, to test the thermal-hygrometric comfort of technical clothing for cycling, with tests on riders in an outdoor and indoor environment.


Q36.5, in collaboration with EURAC Research Institute, is using a new, instrumented method to detect the exact comfort zone areas for different types of cycling clothing.


The main objective is to find the proper balance between the levels of temperature and relative humidity throughout the users clothing in order for the user to comfortably tolerate both environmental and physiological conditions whilst performing an activity.


To accomplish this, we are using a new, instrumented technique based on the continuous measurement of temperature and relative humidity that takes into account all possible influences, environmental and physiological, as well as examines how the textiles respond to these various factors.


Our method relies on monitoring the performance of an athlete under different conditions.


We collect temperature and relative humidity readings through sensors distributed on both the body and on the clothing. We also use thermal imagery to detect the hot spots and see the distribution of water/sweat saturation.


At the same time, in combination with the SRM PowerMeter, we track the route and register the power output of the test rider.


These methods allow us to explore the relationship between temperature and comfort as well as the relationship between moisture and comfort. Of course we also take into account variables that create special conditions which can affect the activity, these include: environmental, geographical, the physiology of the athlete and textile conditions.


We are excited to announce that Q36.5 has begun a collaboration with SRM. Integrating the SRMX analysis software in our testing, its Power Meter help in detecting information related to body temperature and relative humidity during our scientific investigations.


Our goal is to provide a comparative analysis of the results obtained.