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Review: Chris Beattie

Review about Q36.5: Chris Beattie

Christopher is a true cycling connoisseur, able to grind out a lot of miles no matter what the weather condition.

“The first time I put a Q36.5 Salopette on I thought oh… this is different… Other shorts you pull them up and they come straight on, but with Q36.5 you actually have to position the short. But once it’s on it doesn’t move. I can do a 200-plus mile ride and never have to get out of the saddle to pinch at the shorts and adjust the positioning of the chamois. In the past, with other shorts, this was inconceivable.

Also—and this is a big thing living in Ireland—my legs seem to work better in the wet weather when I wear the Dottore Salopette. Because of the fast drying fabric but also because—perhaps because of the Silver thread—the legs don’t seem to have the same feeling of heaviness…
In general the legs feel lighter with the Dottore…”

Chris Beattie

Ballymoney, Ireland

Photo Credit: Nick Frendo – Sommet