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Reviews on Essential Collection

Reviews on Essential Collection

A selection of comments on our pieces of Equipment:

hybrid que orange review

Long Sleeve Hybrid Que

This is my favorite piece of kit right now. Have both the black and orange colors. I obviously wear the orange when i want to be seen and it stands out wonderfully! Im 5’8 137 lbs and wear the the medium.


I can fit into the small if I wanted a tight fit but the medium is snug enough! I have worn this down down into the low 20F with a thermal base and L1 vest.


Both pieces regulate the body temperature and breath well. I have also worn this with only the teddy berry base layer at 32c and very comfortable.


cruise equipment review

Vest Cruise

I love the Cruise Equipment and the Vest is my favourite item from the range.

The Air Insulation interior is so comfortable and effective, the fit is perfect, and the reflective feature is a great addition when I am out at night whether on bike, or on foot. It would be great if a men’s jacket will be added to the range.



Jersey short sleeve WoolF

Wore it for the first time today for a long tempo ride. Temperatures were 8-10deg and paired with base layer 2, Woolf arm warmers and L1 essential vest this was a perfect outfit. Arrived home totally dry. The jersey’s collar is really comfortable and I was impressed with how versatile it was. Highly recommended.



salopette dottore & cycling jersey pinstripe review

Salopette Dottore L1

These shorts are by far my favorites. They fit better, especially the chamois, after some use and washing. I really like the materials, especially light, breathable and compressive. The customer service at Q36.5 is fantastic. I will definitely be adding to my Q36.5 collection. Well done Q36.5.


Jersey L1 Pinstripe

Such a great jersey, lightweight, transpirable, perfect pocket sizing and the feel and touch of the fabric is very high quality.
amazing job guys – 5 stars!



base layer review

Base Layer 3 long sleeve

The versatility of Base Layer 3 long sleeve has prompted it to become an essential item within my cycling equipment. Depending on temperature, it makes a superb partner to the Q36.5,Termica Jacket, Long Sleeve Hybrid Que, and R. Jacket Insulation. The baselayer adds thermal comfort to counter lower temperatures, but when the intensity of the ride increases its high moisture transfer properties really contribute to the overall performance of the outerlayers, and assists in avoiding cooling during descents or when the pace eases back. The baselayer is close fitting, does not restrict movement, and remains extremely comfortable throughout the ride or chosen activity. The baselayer has prover to more resilient than ones I have used by other brands, and remains in good condition after being worn and washed many times. The Base Layer 3 is so integral to my cycling, I now have a number of them.


vest l1 review

Vest L1 Essential

One of my favorite bits of kit I’ve ever owned.
It’s a tight fit but the material is nice and stretchy so it’s a great vest that still allows you to feel fast.
Provides great body temperature regulation.


About Q36.5

I wear the Miles G bibs and they are amazing. I will buy another pair of bibs next year and hopefully a medium pinstripe green jersey to match the green in the bibs. I rode today IRL with the Ultra Light Dottore socks. It may sound weird but they were more than I expected. They were amazing, I am going to order 2 more pair. I had put some Specialized corrective inserts in the SIDI Airs shoes and they were too tight with Castelli or ASSOS socks. The Ultra Lights solved the problem however I may still sand a little off of the bottom of the insert. Love this company, class, class, class.