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The Seta Jersey, made of a proprietary fabric combining 30% silk with 2% silver thread, is specifically designed for those who desire a completely new sensation as well as a powerful performance boost during hot (and humid!) summer rides. The Seta is the result of two years of research and innovation in smart fabrics, it is the Equipment to grab!

These jerseys are just otherworldly in how they manage perspiration in heat and humidity. I live in South Florida where for many months it is above 90 degree Fahrenheit in both the temperature and humidity.
Fit is great as well with a fitted pro look.” – Miguel Montilla

a unique jersey for performance

This Q36.5 best seller will gift you a totally new sensation and full protection during all your rides.


Our super light jersey will guarantee you excellent performance, moisture management and lightness.

seta cycling jersey

95 gr of protection

An exclusive proprietary fabric designed with a high silk content and a  pure silver thread is the ultimate achievement in thermoregulation.


This innovative combination makes this jersey the must-have to up your level of performance and gift yourself extra-comfort:

  • super light, it weights only 95 gr!
  • high protection, this jersey insulates against sudden changes in temperature, making it perform well both on hot summer days and in somewhat cooler temperatures;
  • natural fibers, Q36.5 is proud to use eco-sustainable raw materials in the production of our products
seta cycling jerseys

Wear it to keep a proper body temperature and ride longer in comfort #whatsnext