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UNIQUE Shoes Adventure Fluo Green

Unique Shoes Adventure Fluo Green

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Designed and handcrafted in the Italian Dolomites, the performance footwear capital of the world, the Unique Adventure Shoes combine innovative technologies with advanced ergonomics to help you find your way, whether you’re riding towards a checkpoint or hike-a-biking to the top of the next summit.

Green Fluo

$ 486,78$ 580,72


Size Guide


Q36.5 UNIQUE™ Shoes


The width scale for shoes starts at A (narrow) and goes to E (wide), our UNIQUE Shoes™ fall into the middle with a C width; our last is designed to
comfortably accommodate a foot width from B to D. The microfiber of the upper, the bodymapping construction of the upper with the elastic zone, and the closure system work together to give a more democratic fit for diverse shapes of feet.

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1Unique Shoe Size cm 37 5 4 23,7
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cm 39 6.5 5.5 25
cm 39.5 7 6 25,4
cm 40 7.5 6.5 25,7
cm 40.5 7.75 6.75 26
cm 41 8 7 26,4
cm 41.5 8.5 7.5 26,7
cm 42 9 8 27
cm 42.5 9.25 8.25 27,4
cm 43 9.5 8.5 27,7
cm 43.5 10 9 28
cm 44 10.5 9.5 28,4
cm 44.5 11 10 28,7
cm 45 11.5 10.5 29
cm 45.5 12 11 29,4
cm 46 12.5 11.5 29,7
cm 47 13.5 12.5 30,4
cm 48 14 13 31
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Warranty: 2 Years

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Technical Features

330 g 4-Seasons

UNIQUE Shoes Adventure Fluo Green, mountain bike and gravel cycling shoes

The Unique Adventure Shoes feature a custom, hand-shaped last and a one-piece upper to set the foundation for exceptional comfort and performance throughout every adventure that lays ahead. With their refreshingly simple tongue-less design, the Unique Shoes conform to your foot shape to create a reassuringly snug fit, closed via BOA's Li2 dials, for smooth and even pressure distribution across the shoe. Underfoot, a high-density memory foam footbed created with chamois pioneers Elastic Interface provides class-leading comfort on and off the bike without compromising pedal power output. The outsole of the Adventure Shoes is tuned for the trail, with aerospace-grade carbon fibre to conserve pedal power near the recessed SPD-ready cleat area and flexible zone-mapped sections to the rear. The sole's added flexibility creates a rebound effect for a natural walking gait when rivers or downed trees along your path have you holstering the bike over the shoulder instead of riding.



Body-Mapping Technology

The UNIQUE™ Shoes are the world’s first body-mapped cycling shoes. All our experience and knowledge obtained from our in-depth body mapping studies have been garnered to engineer a shoe that offers a novel fit. The UNIQUE™ Road Shoes offer the perfect balance between support, comfort and breathability.

unique shoes the last

The Last

A hand-shaped, custom last shaped that precisely follows the contours of the feet, from the performance footwear capital of the world.

Brought to life over several seasons and many more espressos, the last for the Unique Shoes benefits from the unique intersection of cycling and performance footwear talent in the Italian Dolomites. Developed with Q36.5’s clothing expertise and guided by the world-class shoe pattern makers at our doorstep, the Unique’s last is tuned to follow the dynamics of the foot, maximizing power output while minimizing fatigue.


The Footbed

A memory foam footbed that reduces pressure on the insole by 10% compared to standard cycling footbeds.

Created in partnership with chamois experts, Elastic Interface®, the Unique Shoes feature an innovative, high-density foam footbed that absorbs micro-vibrations and enhances comfort over the longest rides.

assets scarpe Tavola da disegno 1 copia 53

The Upper

A one-piece upper, created from a single piece of 1mm thick microfibre. And no tongue.

Unlike commonly used PU, the Unique’s upper forms to your individual foot shape with a sock-like fit to deliver outstanding breathability, with engineered support areas along the sole arch. And because the one-piece upper wraps around your foot, there’s no need for a tongue, so all you’ll feel is a more natural, surer fit from heel to toe.

assets scarpe Tavola da disegno 1 copia 52

BOA ® Fit System

A fast, effortless and precise fit system that offers micro-adjustability in both directions.

Lightweight and low profile, the Unique Shoes deploy dual BOA® Li2 dials for smooth and even pressure distribution across the instep and forefoot zones for comfort at the close. Together with the innovative lightweight upper, the textile BOA® string flows optimally across the shoe to effectively prevent pressure points.

assets scarpe Tavola da disegno 1 copia 51

Power Wrap Support

A smart support system that wraps the instep to create a snug, stable fit, maximizing power and comfort throughout the pedal stroke.

Lining the instep, a thermoplastic support Power Wrap reinforces the microfiber upper to help absorb trail vibrations and maximize foot stability on and off the bike. Invisible yet reassuringly snug, the Power Wrap helps ensure each pedal stroke or footfall is as sure as the last.

q36.5_cycling_unique_shoes_gravel_body_mapping_technology (1)

The Outsole

Aerospace-grade carbon fibre and smart, zone-mapped flexibility for blazing performance and unparalleled comfort.

Engineered for the challenges of the trail, the outsole of the Adventure Shoes blends pedal efficiency with the realities of mixed-condition off-road riding. A zone-mapped design at the rear of the shoe generates positive flexibility to create a rebound effect that reduces tendon pressure and muscle overload and increases blood flow across every pedal stroke.

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